"A Set of Little Love Poems" and "Operetta" 

A Set of Little Love Poems
by Sherry Saye


The old crescent moon catches the cries
of the evening peacock,
and the small Mexican plums plucked
from the tree are
deep red in my mouth.
Night is coming.
He is coming.

You lose me in the Tibetan oboe,
jazz loose in the night come.
I awaken to the moon.
How do you sleep with my hair on your face?

Gathering our errant passions
in a blending of lovers' courtesies,
moving from high interlude nights of you,
this change will prepare me for death.

Nuptial play, shaking the white
Crepe myrtle
flowers from the moon.
You are my husband tonight.

Inside the tomato
pasta deep

there was your lip color
rising across the table,
lighting a refraction.
I knew it then,
your laughing hungry mouth.

-- Sherry Saye currently lives in Monument. An environmentalist, she enjoys native landscaping and hiking the Rocky Mountains to the furthest points her youngest child is able to reach.

by Sandra McNew

A woman, heavy-bottomed
and desirable, stiff-necked
and beloving, her voice healthy
and pink with a moist molten edge,
begins to sing
like someone slowly erupting
out of volcanic cones,
out of non-human nature,
out of silts and muds
and long-leafed ponds,
flowering and fruiting
into practical brilliance,
into the common furnishings
of a household, into leftover dough
rising of its own heat, into
communication as translucent
and luminous as opals, into
magic and milky legs and lace offered to her husband
and their household gods
on Valentine's Day.

-- Sandra McNew is a poet in love with the natural world. She has won prizes for both her poetry and her prose.


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