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Welcome to the Independent's inaugural healthy-living publication

Welcome to the Independent's inaugural healthy-living publication, SimpliCITY. While not meant to be a panacea for all that ails you — sorry chaps, none exists — it does aim to celebrate those people, places and things promoting greater well-being in the Pikes Peak region.

In combating the extreme stress of the average person's day-to-day activities, diet and exercise are just the beginning. Sources of advice, of course, range from magazine covers at the grocery checkout to annoying co-workers who sip yerba mate self-righteously while perched proudly at a standing desk ('cause, you know, sitting is the new smoking, and all that).

But regardless of whether a particular practice or lifestyle happens to be trending, the reality is that some minor changes can actually work wonders for the soul. Picture the inner stillness that a daily or weekly yoga class brings, or that rejuvenating weekend hike that's like church for secular folks.

And then, if you're so moved, picture the larger changes, like arduously etching out space in your backyard to produce some of your own food, or downsizing from your stupid, energy-sucking McMansion because you've realized the glory and grace of simplicity.

No matter where you are on your journey toward healthfulness and greater wholeness, this guide aims to provide a handful of inspirations and illustrations. Yes, we're poking you with an acupuncture needle, but don't fret — we'll lather you with locally made salve afterwards, and it'll feel good.

Be well.

— Matthew Schniper

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