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Sixty seconds with Tom Gabel

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Indy: The new Against Me! album, White Crosses (out June 8), seems less political than usual. Do you agree?

TG: With this album, there wasn't an agenda for writing. A lot of the times in the past, you go into an album and you're like, "I really want to write about these topics. These topics have to be touched on." Especially with previous records, it was like, "OK, the war happening has to be addressed." And with this one, I wanted to drop the plot. I want to let my mind wander.

Indy: Did moving to a new town influence the songwriting at all?

TG: I moved away from Gainesville and was living in a tiny beach town called St. Augustine on the Atlantic coast of Florida. It was really just a great place to lose yourself and become forgotten to the world. That was a real good feeling, and very conducive to just feeling free creatively. Whatever came to mind, write it down on paper. Figure out what it means later on. Just let it all spill out, just, like, vomit it out of your brain.

Indy: A song on White Crosses called "We're Breaking Up" recalls some uncertain times for the band before this album, including a change of drummers. Is that part of what the song is about?

TG: It's definitely addressed in the song, but again there were many other things that spurred the song, too. ... The song itself is about relationships coming to an end. And obviously, we went through some changes as a band, but then beyond that there were instances in our personal lives, too — for me, especially — where it felt like there were kind of a lot of chapters in my life closing and new ones beginning. I just wanted to address all of those topics in one song and kind of sum up that feeling.

At the Black Sheep, May 6.


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