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Local celebs humor us with their holiday wishes

Julie Cole, administrator and director of Smokebrush Gallery

Do want: Season tickets to Theatreworks, a Dachshund puppy and more snow. I want Lesley Dill (a popular New York-based artist) to do a show for Smokebrush.

Don't want : The Democrats to blow it when they take over Congress.

Michele Lowney, head brewer at Phantom Canyon

Do: A powder day every single day for the rest of the season ... so no matter what off-day I get from work, I get powder.

Don't: Herpes.

Alexius Weston, owner of Shuga's Restaurant & Bar

Do: I want a fireplace. I bought an 1884 house that we've been renovating for two years, and that's one of the last things I want. I've also been thinking about a kitty, and a vacation.

Don't: I never want a chicken. My sister has a chicken motif in her kitchen, like chicken knick-knacks. I also don't want more stress.

Colorado College president Dick Celeste

Do: I want to get a full set of Playaways. They are audio books, pre-loaded in a gizmo that looks like an iPod. My son's company is making them. Also, I'd like a Herman Miller chair.

Don't: Another tie. I probably throw away 20 a year, and have a hundred. Since I came to Colorado, I don't wear ties as often.

Doug Lamborn, U.S. congressman-elect

Do: A good holiday time with my wife and kids.

Don't: I don't want a lump of coal.

Kimball Bayles, owner of Kimball's Twin Peak Theater and Metropolitain

Do: My wish is to have a really great Christmas for my daughter. She's a year-and-a-half old now. I'm kind of reliving the experience all I'd forgotten about from when I was a kid through her.

Don't: Another business.

Johnny Nolan, owner of Southside Johnny's:

Do: Time off with my family.

Don't: Any more rules affecting bars, like the smoking ban.

Ken Salazar, U.S. senator

Do: I want to just be with my family for Christmas day in the valley, with my wife and children and my mother and all of my wonderful siblings and nephews and nieces. What usually ends up happening is a group of 70 or so Salazars gather at the ranch.

Don't: Someone interjects, "A bolo tie," in background of phone call. Salazar laughs.

Mary Lou Makepeace, Gay & Lesbian Fund for Colorado executive director and former mayor of Colorado Springs

Do: A really snappy red purse.

Don't: No bad news on the personal, political or national level.

El Paso County Sheriff Terry Maketa

Do: An all-expenses paid trip to the Caribbean.

Don't: 100 felons.

Adam Leech, owner of The Leechpit

Do: Seat belts for my new 52 Chevy pickup.

Don't: Anything purchased in a chain store or a store with absentee owners.

Dr. Michael DeMarsche, CEO of the Colorado Springs Fine Arts Center

Do: Peace on Earth and a parking garage for the Colorado Springs Fine Arts Center.

Don't: A Cal-Berkeley sweatshirt.

Gary Sondermann, owner of Terra Verde

Do: I always love time with my children.

Don't: There's nothing I don't want.

Thomas Wilson, Colorado Springs Philharmonic associate conductor

Do: An iPod that can actually hold all of my CDs.

Don't: A Yanni CD they're great for frisbee golf.

Lawrence Leighton Smith, Colorado Springs Philharmonic music conductor

Do: A big endowment for the Colorado Springs Philharmonic.

Don't: I don't want to be replaced, and I don't want to lose any more hair.

Lisa Lyden, KOAA-TV news anchor

Do: To not pass a red kettle without giving.

Don't: Fruitcake.

Trudy Strewler, executive director, CASA of the Pikes Peak Region

Do: I would like to see the community come together to increase protection and well-being of children and create a nonviolent world for them to live within.

Don't: More things!

Jim Jackson, clown at The Manitou Art Theater

Do: On the grand scale, I would like the perpetrators of the Iraq war to be brought to justice. On the more realistic scale, I'd like a good recipe for a roasted green chile soup.

Don't: Polonium-210.

Birgitta De Pree, director at The Manitou Art Theater

Do: In the practical category, socks or a spatula. In the frivolous category, perfume and earrings.

Don't: Veterinary bills. (Note: answer provided by Jim Jackson.)

Major Gen. Robert Mixon, Fort Carson's top commander

Do: I guess most of all, I'd like our soldiers to come home.

Don't: What I don't want for Christmas is any more reports of casualties.

Douglas Bruce, El Paso County commissioner

Do: For the Colorado Springs Independent to start telling the truth.

Don't: A continuation of the slide into slavery and socialism by the federal, local and state governments.

Daisy McConnell, curator of CC's Coburn Gallery

Do: World peace that would be great. I know it's corny. And, I want all of my debt paid for.

Don't: More wars.

Christopher Lynn, curator of the Gallery of Contemporary Art at UCCS

Do: A Michael Knight action figure from The Leechpit, a Todd Chilton painting and four shares of a llama from heifer.org.

Don't: Anything from Wal-Mart, a nut bowl or tchotchkes.

Chuck Murphy, architect for many of the current Manitou Springs construction projects

Do: I want to bring the soldiers home.

Don't: Intolerance.

John Cruzat, national diversity specialist for USA Swimming

Do: I've got my eye on Barack Obama's new book.

Don't: I'm not a big fan of socks and ties. They're easy for the kids, but I like to pick them out myself.

Brenda Miles, local jazz musician

Do: A 54 light blue convertible.

Don't: America's brothers, fathers, sisters and mothers to be at war for another Christmas.

Vicky Gregor, radio personality at KRCC-FM 91.5

Do: An electric guitar, either a Jaguar or Telecaster.

Don't: Anything that's larger than an electric guitar. ("I do like socks and sweaters. And I do like fruitcake.")

Reported by Indy staffers and freelancers. Compiled by calendars editor Matthew Schniper.


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