And the first Indy Music Awards go to ... 

Congratulate them now, then get ready to hear them play at our September festival

It's been just over a month since the last ballot was cast in our inaugural 2011 Indy Music Awards. The turnout, more than 2,500 voters, went well beyond anything we'd allowed ourselves to expect, and clearly bodes well for what we anticipate will become a valuable addition to the Colorado Springs music scene.

In fact, the announcement of this first year's winners and runners-up is just the beginning. In our upcoming Sept. 1 issue, we'll be profiling all the first-place acts in an expanded local music cover story package. Think of it as both a celebration of your favorite Colorado Springs musicians and a crash course in other local talents with whom you may be less familiar at this point.

And yes, just like Vanessa Williams and that guy in the Bible, we've saved the best for last. On Sept. 8, one week after our Local Music Issue comes out, top winners will be performing live on three big stages at Stargazers Theatre and Event Center as part of the free Indy Music Awards Festival.

We're pretty excited about the opportunity for everyone — bands, fans, readers, club bookers, radio folks, and all combinations thereof — to see and hear the best-loved music the Springs has to offer. And we can't thank readers enough for taking the time to show their enthusiasm for the local music scene as it is today, as well as for its potential in years to come.

And now, the winners.




1st place: The Haunted Windchimes

2nd place: Chuck Snow &the Lo-Fi Cowboys

3rd place: The Broken Spoke


1st place: Grass It Up

2nd place: Joe Johnson

3rd place: Acme Bluegrass Band


1st place: Jake Loggins

2nd place: Molly Boyles &Lipstick Voodoo

3rd place: Grant Sabin


1st place: 40 oz. Freedom Fighters

2nd place: Martini Shot

3rd place: 6035


1st place: DJ Brandon Lee

2nd place: DJ Nate Starr

3rd place: Animus Invidious


1st place: Edith Makes a Paper Chain

2nd place: Lindsay Weidmann

3rd place: The Changing Colors

Hard Rock/Metal

1st place: Malakai

2nd place: Sanguine Addiction

3rd place: Inelements


1st place: Black P

2nd place: ReMINDers

3rd place: Too Tone Taurus


1st place: Mango Fan Django

2nd place: Charlie Milo Trio

3rd place: Tony Exum, Jr.


1st place: The Nobodys

2nd place: Dave Mansfield & the L.A.M.F's

3rd place: The Ingrates


1st place: El Toro de la Muerte

2nd place: We Are Not a Glum Lot

3rd place: Tango Red Tapestry


1st place: Various Artists: Positively Pikes Peak

2nd place: Haunted Windchimes: Live at the Western Jubilee

3rd place: Grass It Up: Live

Out-of-area Artist

1st place: DeVotchKa

2nd place: Elephant Revival

3rd place: Drag the River


People's Choice

1st place: From Slaves to Kings

2nd place: 2 Hour Delay

3rd place: GOYA


1st place: Jason Coahran

2nd place: Josh Lanier

3rd place: Steve Huckaby


1st place: James Porter

2nd place: Chuck Snow

3rd place: Craig Soderberg


1st place: Collin Estes

2nd place: John Stilwagen

3rd place: Danny Karpel


1st place: Nolan Campbell

2nd place: Brian Hofflander

3rd place: Kevin Waybright


1st place: Stu Pray

2nd place: Jameson Becker

3rd place: Chris Combs


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