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Re: “Updates on Mikey, Klingenschmitt

Being accused of juvenile behavior by someone whose opening comment in this thread was "Weinstein is nothing but an attention whore ... " is truly wonderful. ... you're truly the gift that just keeps on giving!!!

Merry Christmas Little Debbie and don't ever give up your narrative, or Santa Claus will truly die. ....Damn the FACTS!! Full Speed Ahead!!

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Posted by Andrew Kasehagen on 12/02/2014 at 12:41 PM

Re: “Updates on Mikey, Klingenschmitt

debbie6487...and the textbook example of Concern Trolling you have displayed here is simply priceless...why not just cut to the chase and type NahNahNahNahNah when confronted with factual least then you would display a modicum of honesty.

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Posted by Andrew Kasehagen on 12/02/2014 at 12:25 PM

Re: “Updates on Mikey, Klingenschmitt

Debbie6487 asks: What are you getting for that $279,000 annually? Have you ever asked yourselves that?...then supports her ‘awareness’ of the answer to these questions by referencing “the reporting of others”. Although Debbie’s advice to ask these legitimate questions is extremely sound, the willful ignorance displayed in how she found answers is stunningly naïve (giving the benefit of doubt that Debbie’s not just being aggressively stupid). Debbie has obviously failed to fully appreciate the hilarious hypocrisy created by the confluence of her advice and ignorance.

While Debbie is too shy to name “the reporting of others” for some reason, I’ll provide appropriate credit to Stephen Losey’s editorial on Mikey’s compensation masquerading as ‘reporting’. Here are just a few facts, which were clearly known to Mr. Losey that failed to make it into his ‘reporting’ on Mikey’s compensation for some odd reason:

-Mr. Losey’s relied heavily on the Charity Navigator 2013 Charity CEO Compensation Study in his reporting, yet he failed to note the following advice contained in this study:
(page 14)
Consider the performance of the charity in relation to the CEO's pay. If you come across a charity whose CEO pay is higher than other similar charities, don't immediately dismiss that charity's request for funding. You're better off supporting a charity that is fiscally efficient, accountable and transparent, achieving its programmatic goals and paying its CEO well, than a charity that has substandard fiscal health, fails to live up to its mission, but under-pays its CEO. Charity Navigator’s ratings can be of help in your research into the charity’s Financial Health and commitment to being Accountable & Transparent. If possible, also conduct your own review of the charity’s size and performance to determine if it is delivering on its intended results.

-Daniel Borochoff, the President of Charity Watch (one of America's most independent and assertive charity watchdogs and a leading resource for donors and the media), reiterated this point when he specifically told Mr. Losey during an interview that “nonprofit organizations must consider the necessary skills, education, and experience needed for the job when setting nonprofit pay levels. The size of the group’s budget is not the most important factor and may not even be a significant factor in setting pay levels.” Mr. Losey curiously made absolutely no mention of having interviewed Mr. Borochoff or ‘reported’ any of his comments.

-Mikey was named one of the 100 Most Influential People in U.S. Defense by Defense News in December 2012, a notable recognition that was known to Mr. Losey since it was made by the same media organization that employs him.

-Mr. Losey blatantly misrepresented and willfully miscalculated compensation benchmarking information provided to him and was forced to issue a correction to his ‘reporting’ by his editor, without identifying the correction as such, thus furthering his willful violation of well-established ethical standards for journalism.

Although Debbie clearly relied on this ‘reporting’ to answer legitimate questions that should be asked by any potential donor to a nonprofit organization; Debbie, like Mr. Losey, clearly has chosen to employ the extremely hypocritical practice of filtering her answers through her pre-ordained narrative.

Debbie digs herself deeper by emphatically stating that “Mikey doesn't have substantial relationships in Washington or anywhere else where he might really be able to influence policy.” In the real world Debbie, Mikey is considered an SME (subject matter expert) by the Department of Defense and MRFF has been compensated in the past, and most likely will be again, for employing this expertise to the tune of $1,089 per day. A compensation amount selected by the DoD, and paid to MRFF not Mikey, as the most cost effective compensation since hourly options for Mikey’s services based on well-established benchmarks ranged from $197 to $248 per hour. This is the information by the way that was provided to Mr. Losey (i.e. your ‘reporting’ source) that he mis-represented so badly he was forced to correct his ‘reporting’.

For those who really want an answer to the questions posed by Little Debbie and her snack sized ability of actually finding answers, I suggest you compare Mikey’s compensation and MRFF’s budget in light of their record of achievements (…) against the likes of organizations such as the Family Research Council, The Navigators, Campus Crusade for Christ (aka Cru), Officer Christian Fellowship. I think you’ll find that Mikey/MRFF’s numerous successes while acting alone against this array of multi-million dollar (and often taxpayer supported) religious non-profits seeking to transform the U.S. Military into Christian Missionaries provides a simply mind-boggling Bang For Your Buck. And for you Debbie, and to Mr. Losey by extension, my only advice is to always remember that seeking answers to important questions with the Lie-Rinse-Repeat method may make you feel warm and fuzzy…it will never have even a passing relationship with the facts, no matter how many times you chose to Lie-Rinse-Repeat.

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Posted by Andrew Kasehagen on 12/02/2014 at 12:09 PM

Re: “UPDATE: Air Force called out for homophobic link

At best, this is a case of stunning incompetence by all responsible parties at USAFA. However, when I can easily do a web search for 'Jewish Holiday Calendar' and come up with About 2,670,000 results (0.21 seconds), I find it very plausible to believe Mr. Weinstein's accusations based on the well documented history of religious intolerance at USAFA. In just 3 minutes, I was able to verify that most of the 1st couple of pages of returned search results provided what appeared to be excellent calendars with succinct descriptions of each holiday's significance. With an additional 10-15 minutes each, I could easily vet any of the returned results I looked at for accuracy, rabbinical involvement, and status of the posting entity behind the search result.

As a taxpayer, it is never comfortable to hope for the best situation being laziness and incompetence. As a practicing Christian familiar with the history of overt Christian proselytizing and favoritism at USAFA it is infuriating to yet again believe the worst and hope for the best.

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Posted by Andrew Kasehagen on 02/14/2013 at 7:30 AM

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