Education Guide 2012: Area colleges & universities 

CollegeAmerica at Colorado Springs

3645 Citadel Drive South, 227-0170

South Satellite: 1026 Maxwell St., 622-3610


Student pop.: did not respond

According to its website, CollegeAmerica's Colorado Springs branch offers programs in business, information technology, medical specialties and graphic arts. Both online and "on-ground" classes are available and most programs can be completed in 15 to 36 months. In addition, CollegeAmerica formally launched the Good Neighbor Initiative in March, offering GED test prep and other career skills workshops at no cost to community members.

Colorado College

14 E. Cache la Poudre St., 389-6000; 800/542-7214


Student pop.: 2,000

The Fall 2011 semester began with one of the biggest changes a small, liberal arts college can have — a new president. And as college news director Leslie Weddell says, Jill Tiefenthaler used this year as what she called her "year of listening." She opened her ears to students, alumni, parents, faculty and staff members, both on campus and in groups across the country, gathering input and assessing the current lay of the land. While changes are sure to be on the way, it's unlikely Tiefenthaler will touch what the school's most known for: its one-3½-week-class-at-a-time block plan — or the already-in-progress renovation of the El Pomar Sports Complex, a $27 million dollar affair that will add 40,000 square feet of new space to the facility by spring 2013.

Colorado State University at Pueblo

2200 Bonforte Blvd., Pueblo, 719/549-2100


Student pop.: 5,100

A CSU-Pueblo campus visitor just a few years ago would've been met with a scattering of construction sites. Now the projects are actualized, and the admissions director is proud to show them off: "A visit provides a prospective student with the opportunity to get a real look at what the campus is like by talking to current students, visiting with faculty in their intended major, and experiencing the 'true feel' of the campus community, which can't be felt though a brochure or website," says Dana Trujillo. A full $12 million in improvements to Massari Arena have rendered it one of the top Division II arenas in the nation, and the Neta and Eddie DeRose ThunderBowl football and track stadium was completed at a price exceeding $13 million. The ThunderWolves also have a new university library, after a $24 million project. Road trip, anyone?

CSU-Pueblo in Colorado Springs

730 Citadel Drive East, #300, 442-2264


Student pop.: 800

A lot of people don't realize that CSU-Pueblo has had a local presence for 43 years. And that there are many benefits to attending classes in the Springs — the in-state rate of $182 per credit hour for a four-year institution in Colorado is competitive to begin with, but then you can consider there aren't any additional fees, such as student activity or lab fees. Plus: free parking! Site manager Amanda Norman notes that the school's fall term will begin on Aug. 13 this year, if you were hoping to get started sooner rather than later.

Colorado Technical University

4435 N. Chestnut St., 598-0200; 800/559-9287


Student pop.: 2,700

Though campus president Bentley Rayburn just last week departed for a different job within the university, former president of the Kansas City campus Tim Gramling has capably stepped in. In the meantime, there still isn't a single degree — from associate to doctorate — listed by CTU that won't sound impressive to future in-laws. Their popular programs, says vice president of admissions Beth Braaten, are in information assurance and security. "We've got specialization in IT, and computer science, and the management area for that program," she says.

DeVry University

1175 Kelly Johnson Blvd., 632-3000


Student pop.: 2,000

"Our students tell us that they appreciate DeVry University's commitment to their career success," says Judy Lesser, center dean at DeVry University in Colorado Springs. It must be nice to have DeVry in your corner when the careers they're committed to you succeeding in are so ... cool. DeVry sports a bachelor's program with specializations in the hot and relevant fields of Web game programming and sustainability management. Their tuition program rewards taking more than 12 credit hours at a time with a lower per-credit hour rate, and tuition assistance for active military and their spouses discounts the cost further.

Everest College

1815 Jet Wing Drive, 638-6580


Student pop.: 430

"We're trying to stay current and make sure that when our graduates go out there, they've got everything state-of-the-art from what they've learned," says Everest College's manager of student services, Diane Dillinger. One manifestation of this directive is the SMART Boards. "It's an interactive whiteboard that connects to our computers. It's really nice, it's definitely high-tech, and we have those in all of our medical classrooms now and our business classrooms." Everest is similarly innovative in its approach to providing real-world experience for its business students. "Our Business 5.0 program has actually started an in-school business. Students actually get a hand in doing the marketing [and] helping plan the budgeting. Our accounting students get in and help the financial side of it." The revenue is then reinvested in the school's Student Ambassador program. "It's educational and beneficial at the same time."

Fuller Theological Seminary

540 N. Cascade Ave., #202, 385-0085


Student pop.: 100

Diversity of perspective is a big thing at Fuller Theological Seminary. "We are not affiliated with any one particular denomination," admissions counselor Jeff Cole says. "We kind of represent a broad range of thought." Fuller Theological seminaries are America's largest nondenominational seminary body, but it still may surprise you that it's the largest ticket-buying organization at the Sundance Film Festival. Students travel to the festival for the weekend and then complete writing assignments based on the films they watch. "We are kind of at the front with some of the ways that we try to be conversant with culture," Cole adds. The Colorado Springs campus also offers a military chaplain program.

IntelliTec College

2315 E. Pikes Peak Ave., 632-7626


Student pop.: 600

IntelliTec College serves its students' best interests by continually modifying its course catalog to reflect the job market, says director of marketing Stacey Snyder. "As a group of colleges, we're constantly looking at the market to see what the needs are in the employment area, and then based on that, looking at new program offerings." At the Colorado Springs campus, the latest addition is a personal trainer program, launched in February, that partners with the National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM). Meanwhile, the Pueblo campus has just started enrollment for an automotive technician program slated to start in July. Specializing in hands-on, career-focused training, IntelliTec caters to professionals looking to make a career change while staying local.

IntelliTec Medical Institute

6805 Corporate Drive, #100, 596-7400


Student pop.: 400

IntelliTec Medical Institute stands out by offering associate degrees as well as intensified certificates for its programs. For instance, the IntelliTec dental assistant track is one of just five ADA-accredited programs in the state. Hands-on clinical training enhances the learning experience, whether students are pursuing a degree in personal fitness training, massage therapy or one of its other six career programs in the health-and-wellness field, and classrooms built like working laboratories make lectures resemble on-the-job training. All of IntelliTec's features and initiatives are geared toward immediate employability for its graduates, with flexibility for those already combining school with work or a military career.

National American University

1915 Jamboree Drive, #185, 590-8300

1079 Space Center Drive, #140, 208-3800


Student pop.: 650

The best part of the NAU learning environment, says director of admissions Carl Brown, is that "our students are not numbers here. We believe we are changing their lives." The school bills itself as a "caring, supportive environment" for nontraditional students: The average age of NAU students is 36, most of whom are working parents, with 52 percent of the student population made up of active-duty military personnel. "We don't mean just active duty, we mean their dependents as well," Brown says. "If you have an active duty ID card, your tuition is half. It's our way of saying thank you to the troops. And we are able to utilize their military transcript to help complete the requirements for their degree. Some military students come in not even realizing that by saving our country, they've already completed half their credit hours." With a 70-year track record, regional accreditation, completely online degree programs and over 60 programs of study, NAU pinpoints the needs of the nontraditional student.

Nazarene Bible College

1111 Academy Park Loop, 884-5000


Student pop.: 1,597

Nazarene Bible College specializes in equipping working Christian adults to pursue a call to ministry — without having to put their lives on hold while they complete their degree. "We are the only accredited Bible college in the state of Colorado," explains Tari Cofield, team manager for marketing and recruitment. "We don't do anything but prepare people for ministry, whether that's pastoral, music, Christian education — we just have a lot of degrees that focus on either church ministry or what we call our marketplace ministries, where Christians want to be effective in their workplace." A highlight of NBC's model is their Degree Completion Program, which transfers credits from other institutions or military service transcripts in order to help students complete their bachelor's degree in as little as two years. "This fits the needs of just about any working adult," Cofield says. "That's our whole focus with this program, is to get them a way to finish school as easily as possible. They're balancing church, their work, their family, and we just want to help them get their degree as quickly as possible."

New Geneva Theological Seminary

3622 Galley Road, 573-5395


Student pop.: 50

In addition to training tomorrow's pastors, New Geneva welcomes non-degree students who wish to audit courses for personal spiritual enrichment. And while the cost of a semester of full-time study averages $1,800, an audit is just $100 per course. "Lots of people don't realize you can audit master's level classes without being enrolled in a degree program," says professor and registrar Dr. Mark House. "This would be for people who just want to find out more about a particular topic of theology or a book of the Bible. They're not career seminarians, but they just want to get more good knowledge about certain things." And as most classes are offered in the evening, New Geneva makes it easy for seminarians and auditors alike to integrate learning with the demands of a full-time job.

Newman University

2120 Hollowbrook Drive, #100, 520-1214


Student pop.: 79

Newman University offers a master's in social work that prepares students for leadership in direct, family-centered social work practice. According to Colorado Springs coordinator John Moragues, this family focus allows social workers to emphasize attending to the family's needs and aspirations, and recognizing and respecting the strengths, skills and experiences that families bring to the helping process. MSW students learn from accessible faculty members who bring many years of education and professional experience to the classroom. Moragues says Newman's students cite "close collaboration with talented, dedicated faculty as one of their most meaningful experiences."

Pikes Peak Community College

Centennial Campus, 5675 S. Academy Blvd.

Downtown Studio Campus, 100 W. Pikes Peak Ave.

Rampart Range Campus, 11195 State Hwy. 83

Falcon Campus, 11990 Swingline Road

Switchboard: 502-2000, 800/456-6847


Student pop.: 14,000

Founded in 1968, this two-year school has grown to serve students at four campuses. Several learning options are available: traditional classroom-based; distance learning via television; online; and hybrid courses that combine online and classroom-based instruction. This summer, the school will unveil block courses, in which targeted students will start school together and stay together for three consecutive semesters. In a press release announcing the move in February, math faculty member Marilyn Frydrych said the strength of the program is in the friendships students form and maintain through their education. "They form homework groups and relay to each other what they missed when they can't make it to class."

Pima Medical Institute

3770 Citadel Drive North, 482-7462


Student pop.: 425-450

One of more than a dozen campuses nationwide, the Colorado Springs branch of Pima Medical Institute celebrates its 10th birthday in 2012. It still offers dental assistant, medical assistant, pharmacy technician, health care administration (online only) and veterinary assistant and technician programs, but this year is also making a bigger push with its expanded dental duties assistant (EDDA) program. Pima itself turns 40 years old this year, and remains accessible via classes in the morning, afternoon and evening, plus online.

Regis University

7450 Campus Drive, #100, 303/458-4126, 800/568-8932


Student pop.: 800

As one of 28 Catholic Jesuit institutions nationwide, Regis University rubs elbows with prestigious universities like Fordham, Boston College and Georgetown. But don't assume its Jesuit influence excludes applicants based on religious affiliations outside of Catholicism — applicants from all faiths are considered. And you have three schools to choose from: the College for Professional Studies, Regis College, and Rueckert-Hartman College for Health Professions. Of course, even though Regis was founded in 1877, its options are modern, including online and weekend courses, and accelerated learning options including five- and eight-week terms.

Remington College

6050 Erin Park Drive, #250, 800/560-6192


Student pop.: 125

Diploma programs at Remington include medical billing and coding, medical assisting, and pharmacy technician. For those not seeking a four-year degree, the college's criminal justice program is offered at the associate level, which is available in the traditional classroom-based format and online. Students who want a four-year criminal justice degree can enroll in Remington's online program, whose administrative facilitation is separate from the Erin Park Drive campus. In addition to their various programs, Remington College actively encourages students to be civic minded. And their involvement in the community directly represents the types of programs they run — who better to sponsor blood drives and health fairs?

Troy University

6215 Corporate Drive, #200, 593-3001

Fort Carson: 1675 Long St., #104, 527-6890


Student pop.: 200

Troy University is a 125-year-old traditional public university based in Alabama. According to area director Michael Craig, since 1950 they have expanded out from the main campus starting with military students and growing from there. Troy was one of the first schools to offer online programs and now has 30,000 students worldwide. Craig also says that they are considered one of the "best buys" and are rated well in Princeton Review and Forbes. The university offers a wide variety of associate through master's degrees, including their specially accredited sports fitness management bachelor's and master's degrees. There are currently no students on the Colorado Springs campus — but only because they're all online.

United States Air Force Academy


2400 Cadet Drive, #200, 800/443-9266


Student pop.: 4,278

Established in Colorado Springs in 1955, the Air Force Academy's mission is "to educate, train, and inspire men and women to become officers of character motivated to lead the United States Air Force in service to our nation." Graduates of the academy earn a bachelor's of science degree and a commission as a second lieutenant. That is, of course, after they meet the strict requirements to get in. Public law (Title 10) decrees that a cadet must be a U.S. citizen, unmarried, with no dependents, older than 17 but younger than 23, by July 1 of the year he or she enters the Academy.

University of Colorado at Colorado Springs

1420 Austin Bluffs Pkwy., 255-8227,800/990-8227


Student pop.: 9,321

UCCS is moving forward and backward at the same time, breaking ground on two new buildings while growing its Weekend University, which caters to the school's original target audience — working students. A new dorm for 192 students is under construction (the wait list was more than 100 deep this year), and the Lane Center for Academic Health Sciences will start taking shape in June. According to spokesman Tom Hutton, "The big thing in the last year has been Weekend University — intense, 10-week classes which are part of our Extended Studies department. You can come to school on Saturday and get your degree. It's a program that pays homage to our roots." One of four campuses in the University of Colorado system, UCCS offers degrees in six colleges: business, education, engineering and applied science, public affairs, nursing and health sciences, and letters, arts and sciences. Advanced degrees are offered through the graduate school and the Graduate School for Public Affairs.

University of Northern Colorado

12320 Oracle Blvd., #110, 800/232-1749


Student pop.: 200

About half of the school's students are connected to the military in one way or another, many of them working on degrees while stationed abroad. The Greeley-based University of Northern Colorado offers post-bachelor's programs in elementary education and educational psychology (new this year); master's degrees in art education and clinical and school counseling; a sport and exercise science program, including an M.A. in sports coaching; and online programs that include bachelor's and certificate programs and postgraduate programs. "We have a strong history of developing teachers," said Cynthia Swift, site coordinator for the Springs center. "It's primarily a teachers college in Greeley, so that's our strong suit. We work with a lot of people who are making a mid-career shift, or people who have had a passion for teaching who now have the time and means to give back."

University of Phoenix

Downtown Learning Center: 2 N. Cascade Ave., #100, 527-9000

Southern Colorado Campus: 5725 Mark Dabling Blvd., 527-9000

Pueblo Student Resource Center: 121 W. First St., #150A, Pueblo, 719/544-0015


Student pop.: 2,500

Because most of its students work full-time, leaving work at 5 for classes that begin at 6, Phoenix closed its Circle Drive location and moved downtown so they could reach more people, upgrading classroom technology and creating improved group meeting spaces at the same time. The school has also added a free, three-week orientation program that lets prospective students try on the schedule and demands of degree work before they take on a financial obligation. Phoenix offers undergraduate, graduate and associate degrees, as well as doctorates, in fields including business, education, criminal justice, social and behavioral science, health care services and technology. Classes are offered at night, and most courses can be taken online. Says Campus Director Brittany Nielson, "We're champions for the working learner."

University of the Rockies

555 E. Pikes Peak Ave., 442-0505


Student pop.: 176

The private University of the Rockies offers master's degrees and doctorates — on campus and online — in the social and behavioral sciences, as well as organizational development and leadership. The school, accredited by the Higher Learning Commission of the North Central Association of Colleges and Schools, prides itself on providing small, intimate classes, time with industry experts, and opportunities for research and publishing. Students gain real-world experience through work in the school's counseling center, which offers low-cost psychotherapy for families, couples and individuals in the Pikes Peak region who are uninsured or have limited ability to pay.

Webster University

5475 Tech Center Drive, #110, 590-7340


Student pop.: 2,500

Webster University, which opened its first Springs location in 1977, is a private, nonprofit school that, according to Senior Director Margaret Reed, creates "a safe learning environment that fosters global culture, creative thinking and out-of-the-box solutions for current issues in business." Webster offerings include an M.B.A.; an M.S. degree in space systems operation management; M.A. degrees in human resources development, human resources management, information technology management, management and leadership, and procurement and acquisitions; and a certificate in government contracting. Many of these programs are available online, so working adults and military students can take advantage of their flexible classroom delivery options.


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