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You've probably noticed the growing presence downtown of city-sponsored outdoor art. Is this a frivolous indulgence and waste of money, or an investment in our city's soul?

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Trey Tippie from Dublin and Academy is a middle school teacher

What's your read on the outdoor art we're seeing downtown? My mom was an art teacher, so I'm kind of attuned. Art creates community. Without it, it's drab and dreary.

What, in your view, would improve this endeavor? Something like the art walk they do in Fort Collins on the first Tuesday of every month. All the galleries have free admission, some have live music, some have food. It's a lot of fun.

What kind of art appeals most to you? Sculpture. I find it fascinating how it's done.

If you were an artist, whose art would yours most resemble? The guys on the way to Manitou that use chainsaws to make those cute wooden bears.

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Tracy Kuonen from the west side is an innkeeper

Does art have a public role in a city our size? It's extremely important, especially for tourism. It creates community and makes us look human, like we care. And it supports artists.

Name the most striking art exhibit you've witnessed. That would have to be Robert Motherwell's "Elegy to the Spanish Republic," in Chicago. It was larger than life.

What, in your view, would enhance the local art scene? Bring in more urban art — art that doesn't cater to tourists.

What art appeals most to you? Modern art. I like Terry Winters, Jonathan Lasker, the New York School of Art.

If you were an artist, whose art would yours most resemble? It'd be a cross between Bridget Riley and [Wassily] Kandinsky — colorful, but hard-edged.

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Michael Kenny from the central Springs is a psychologist

What's your view of the proliferating outdoor art scene? To me, it's like music. It creates a different flow; you focus on that instead of all the traffic and humdrum.

How does art affect the quality of urban life? Lose the arts and you lose your soul.

Name the most striking art exhibit you've seen locally. I thought the chair exhibit all through town in Manitou was stunning.

What, artistically, would enhance the local scene? Reduce traffic flow downtown. I'd love to see a walking mall with more art and music.

If you were an artist, whose work would yours resemble? Any skilled bluegrass musician, but Tim O'Brien especially.


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