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Re: “Rep. Doug Lamborn announces town hall meetings

The House takes off for two weeks, during which Lamborn will spend a scant 5 hours, over only three work days, meeting with the Constitutents of his Congressional District. What a guy.

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Posted by asawatcher on 04/12/2017 at 10:11 AM

Re: “Reader: Get over it, Hillary (and Obama) lost!

When a candidate who gets significantly fewer votes is the "winner", and the candidate who gets the MOST votes is the "loser" there is only one conclusion any objective observer can make, and that is that the current President was elected by a MINORITY of voters.
The voters whose candidate got the MOST votes have not gone away, and are not now somehow magically "a minority". This particular twig of legitimacy to which Trump supporters cling is being greatly strained under the weight of their own denial.
Unfortunately, we ALL now labor under the fact that the ONLY office that represents ALL Americans is NOT elected by a democratic vote of all Americans. Having happened twice in this young century, I'm of the notion that combined with voter suppression efforts and successful gerrymandering, our democracy is diminishing to the point of extinction. The insanity is that nobody is doing anything to fix this bizarre condition, and the minority, like Mr. Marshall here, continues to smugly gloat about it.

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Posted by asawatcher on 03/01/2017 at 9:35 AM

Re: “Parting words from the Sage

Ive enjoyed many of your columns that dredged up the nostalgia and my "old geezer" memories of growing up in the Springs more than 60 years ago. My, how things have changed................

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Posted by asawatcher on 02/28/2017 at 8:25 AM

Re: “Bennet calls for deeper look at Trump's ties to Russia

Connections with Russia? After watching yesterdays (Feb 16th) press conference, congress ought to examine Trump's connection with reality.

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Posted by asawatcher on 02/17/2017 at 7:30 AM

Re: “City needs, after the march, a crappy cover, and more

Rocky Smith writes:
"The only way the smaller population can have a say about that seat is the EC."

Well, we just watched "the smaller population" select the President. We watched as "the smaller population" was allowed to pick the President in 2000. After those two debacles, why would any reasonable person continue to think that the President of All of us should (again?) be selected by a minority number of voters?
ALL Americans should have a say in who our President is, not just "the smaller population".
We don't need your redundant lecture about the organization of our government.
We need to have a democratic vote wherein ALL Americans have equal representation when we choose a person to fill the ONLY office that represents ALL Americans.
There is no longer any rational reason for the Electoral College to continue to exist in 21st Century America.
And thanks, Mr. K, for pointing out the irony of Hamilton's advocacy for the EC. The very condition Hamilton sought to prevent via the EC has come to pass BECAUSE of the EC.

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Posted by asawatcher on 02/05/2017 at 10:21 AM

Re: “City needs, after the march, a crappy cover, and more

Rocky Smith writes:
"I disagree with you about the EC then the States with the most population would win every election."

No, WITHOUT the EC the PRESIDENTIAL CANDIDATE with the most VOTES would win elections.
"Thats why the EC was put in place so the voters in Wyoming and Montana and Alaska still have a voice."

Wyoming, Montana and Alaska did not exist when the EC was put in place.
The Founders had NO idea how many States there would be, or how the nation's population would be dispersed.
The idea that each State, regardless of population, would have adequate representation was accommodated by each state having TWO Senators. The EC was NOT inserted into the Constitution to give greater voice to States with small populations.
"that was the intention so small populations around our Country still have a voice."

Every Individual American should have an EQUAL voice in the selection of the ONLY office that represents ALL Americans, not some amalgamation of population created by arbitrary lines drawn on a map.
"I don't want that voice taken from anyone in America no matter who it puts in the White House."

The EC LITERALLY disenfranchised MOST of the voters in the last Presidential Election, and youre worried about the MINORITY of voters not having a voice? Really?

In 21st Century America, the issues facing any U.S. Administration (the Presidency) are issues concerning ALL Americans. We no longer live in a world where news and information travel at the speed a horse.
The EC is an anachronism, a dead albatross, hanging from the neck of our aspirations for democracy.

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Posted by asawatcher on 02/04/2017 at 11:44 AM

Re: “City needs, after the march, a crappy cover, and more

Two observations about the "republic" / "democracy" discussion.
First: The indefinite nature of the term "Republic". The "R" in the old U.S.S.R. stood for "Republic". And then there's the "Peoples 'Republic' of China". Neither reflect what Americans might view as the definition of "Republic".
And, of course, were NOT a pure democracy, as We the People don't vote on every piece of federal legislation, or state law, or city ordinance.
BUT we DO exercise democracy when we elect our representatives to D.C., and to our State, and local governments.
Without fundamental democratic principles, our government would not exist in the form it does today.
Now, when our Founders gave us the charge to: "form a more perfect union", they were encouraging the expansion of the Constitution's fundamental democratic principles. Historically, this is the tack America has taken. Senators are now elected democratically, not chosen, and, over the last 200 or so years the voting franchise has been drastically expanded.
Today, however, we are witnessing a trend toward making voting harder, and THAT may be at the heart of what I see as an effort to demean/diminish the ideal of democracy as America's first principle. Those of the right-wing persuasion tend toward writing such declarations as: "We are NOT a democracy", as if THAT is the end of the discussion. I have come to understand why conservatives do NOT like democracy. (but that is for a different post).
I suggest we suspend the semantics discussion and focus on how we can expand our Constitutions democratic principles as our Founders intended.

In regard to Mr Durlands letter, considering my above opinion, I am of the notion that to expand democratic principles we must eliminate the Electoral College. It is patently absurd that the ONLY "elected" official, that represents, and is voted on by ALL Americans, is NOT determined by an equally direct democratic election. In the 21st century the reasons for the Electoral College no longer exist, and the Electoral College has become not only a detriment to democracy, but much LESS a mechanism to prevent "oppression". The value of an individual American Citizen's vote should NOT be a function of geography. And the last election embodies a cruel irony to WHY Hamilton advocated the EC.

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Posted by asawatcher on 02/03/2017 at 11:35 AM

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