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Re: “Culture worrier

"I am NOT in favor of killing babies. I am in favor of providing a choice for women involved in unwanted pregnancy."

Euphemism. Obfuscation. The "choice" that is controversial is abortion, therefore the issue is abortion. If you are indifferent enough to the horror of abortion to find it being sanctioned by law acceptable, you in effect favor it, regardless of claims or protests.

Parallel: few defenders of "choice" on abortion (who stoutly deny favoring it) would give credence to a white person who favors giving private business the "choice" of racially discriminating, but denies hatred or malice for blacks, Hispanics, and Muslims. The assumption is at best that if you find racial discrimination inoffensive enough to vocally call for its legalization you in effect favor it.

Posted by Aurora on 09/17/2009 at 4:32 PM

Re: “Culture worrier

Chinook, I don't have to answer your question. The issue isn't which policy for unwanted babies to adopt. Good people in a sane, humane society can consider, debate, and decide on all sorts of options.

The issue is, is KILLING those babies for money or convenience acceptable? That's where the focus should be, and thus that's where you are trying to slide it away from. So I'll firmly re-direct the issue where it belongs - abortion.

Anything else is a distraction, usually dishonestly motivated.

This debate is so similar to slavery. Slave-owners and their apologists would bring up a thousand and one excuses and problems - how are you going to pay for it, you're not being practical, who's going to take care of them, where are they going to go (in YOUR town?) etc etc.

All those were legitimate questions but they were brought up to obfuscate the REAL issue - the immorality of treating human beings like animals, and the urgent need to abolish slavery with maximum speed.

Posted by Aurora on 09/16/2009 at 7:31 AM

Re: “Culture worrier

chinook11, you are lurching all over the place in your unfocused remarks painting our good-hearted and self-sacrificial country as the villain rather than our viciously evil enemies (while we are at war!), bashing Christianity in general and local churches in particular, etc. etc., proving even more decisively that you are a consistent and across-the-board leftist, and making your claims to have worked for Focus for years even less credible. For the record, by the way, children in public schools are heavily abused by caregivers and authority figures. As for "business as usual", if you mean letting the bloody and awful work of the abortion industry continuing to grind along unexposed and unlimited, and even paid for with tax dollars, which party is most enthusiastic about that again?

Posted by Aurora on 09/15/2009 at 2:40 PM

Re: “Culture worrier

chinook11, I doubt your claim to be a former longtime Focus employee, given your parroting of weak, long-refuted leftist tropes on social issues. The abortion industry has no concern for women whatsoever, as documented in Mark Crutcher's book "Lime Five" - abortuaries are rarely if ever inspected or regulated due to political pressure (look what happened to one courageous Kansas attorney, Phil Kline, who was politically destroyed by his state's political and media establishment for taking on the powerful abortion industry there, which performed abortions on underage girls at the behest of their abusers). As a result abortion mills are filthy, unsanitary dens where the women who were hustled in by "boyfriends" and grim-faced "clinic escorts" and survive the experience reel out injured and often abused. So spare us the crocodile tears about "back alley" abortions - legalized ones are little better.

There likely are genetic pre-dispositions to many forms of self-destructive, socially harmful, immoral, and perverted attitudes, characteristics, and forms of behavior, from substance abuse, to explosive temper, absence of empathy, to attraction to anyone/thing other than adults of the opposite sex. That doesn't mean we should pretend that the abnormal, unnatural, and wrong is anything but. In all but the most hard-core cases, many people who make bad lifestyle choices also had non-genetic influences helping push them over the edge, such as a history of being abused (especially during childhood), having a formative first experience that warps powerful impulses along a sterile and twisted path, and a media, educational, and political culture seemingly bent on legitimizing and normalizing deviancy. Bullying is wrong, but society is under no obligation to insult the good, the true, the healthy, and the beautiful by dragging it down to the level of the wrong, the false, the sick, and the ugly. Egalitarianism is an out-of-control mental virus and social cancer. Some choices and behaviors are better than others, and stigma serves a useful rule in steering people away from the worse ones.

Posted by Aurora on 09/14/2009 at 8:52 AM

Re: “Culture worrier

HockeyMom, a few points.

1) Ties and pantyhose are not not necessarily uncomfortable.

Men who complain about ties are really just too fat for their shirt collars and need to buy new shirts or lose weight; if they can button their top button and remain comfortable than their ties will be like a pocket square - mere decoration with no effect on comfort.

Pantyhose are trickier and many women have never been properly taught how to deal with them, and many of the rest just don't go through the necessary effort.

a) part of it is the same issue with men, only worse - many of us don't want to admit how fat we are and have an imaginary lower/smaller weight or hip size we consider our "real" weight with our current weight being a temporary, soon-to-be-corrected aberration. So, especially if we are on or near the boundary between two sizes on the little chart, we buy the smaller size, partly because we dread labeling ourselves as being the bigger size, partly because often we buy cheap hose and somehow don't put the care into making them fit that we would something else, partly because we figure that they stretch anyway, and partly to "force" ourselves to lose weight. All that's foolish.

b) Another reason is that many of us, as I mentioned, buy cheap hose, which usually has no or very little lycra, the key ingredient that makes hose fit well and feel silky-smooth. Without it, hose sags and wrinkles, and feels scratchy or at best like an emery board. Premium hose is also often "fully boarded", meaning it is shaped to fit a leg and foot (while still being modern and all sheer) rather than being simply tube-shaped. Finally, pre-treating with a product like Hosiery Mate can make them not only stronger but softer.

2) Your "there are bigger priorities" point is very weak. Jesus told us we would always have the poor with us. There will always also be injustice and problems. Claiming you are waiting until all the world's problems are solved before dressing properly is not a serious, grownup stance. There's no reason and no excuse not to uphold and show maximum respect for civilized norms, high standards, your work, your colleagues, yourself, and God by having good grooming, hygiene, and dressing your best for work, Church, and social events.

Posted by Aurora on 09/11/2009 at 11:28 AM

Re: “Culture worrier

I'm disappointed that they dropped the requirement for ties and pantyhose. Conservatives are meant to uphold high standards, and giving in to the lazy, juvenile culture of sloppy-casual informality is a harmful step.

Posted by Aurora on 09/04/2009 at 8:54 AM

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