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It's the owners, stupid

John Hazlehurst ("Stop with the shootings, already," City Sage, Jan. 28) is way off the mark with his reductive, binary concept of dog lovers and dog avoiders. There are those of us who love dogs but have nothing but loathing and contempt for irresponsible dog owners.

Sadly, violence and animosity toward dogs has seen a predictable increase. While I grieve for the dogs that were shot, it is the humans who left them unleashed that bear the brunt of the responsibility. There are basic laws and ordinances in place to avoid such circumstances.

While John Hazlehurst may believe himself to be a considerate owner, that has not been my personal experience with many that believe it's their right to have their dogs off-leash. I have been challenged in my own yard by owners, while stating neutrally that there is a leash law, and have been told to mind my own "f***ing" business. When I informed one owner "my yard, my f***ing business," the unleashed dog became aggressive.

I have gone to court repeatedly only to see these irresponsible owners perjure themselves rather than pay for their irresponsibility, let alone the damage their dogs have done to my yard.

While it's nice that Terry Shattuck is offering a reward for the "off-leash vigilante," it would be better served to fund responsible dog owners — those that use a leash and pick up after their dogs or take them to an appropriate off-leash dog park that I voted for and my tax dollars pay for — and to use peer pressure and a pack mentality to correct bad owner behavior.

Colorado Springs is, unfortunately, a heady brew of TBI, PTSD and gun owners. If you care for the dogs, discipline yourself to adhere to the noise, leash, and feces ordinances, and there will be less opportunity for such cowardly tragedies.

— S. Grim-Concheff

Colorado Springs

Look out below

In "Rise in the east" (Letters, Jan. 21) Michael Griffin suggests building a high-rise in Stetson Hills. As a Stetson Hills resident, who lives in the flight path of planes landing at the Colorado Springs Airport, five miles due south, I think this would be a terrible idea. Planes and high-rise buildings don't mix.

— Doug Roman

Colorado Springs

Golden opportunity

On Thursday, Feb. 5, El Paso County commissioners will have to make a far-reaching decision for 25,000 acres of open space south and east of the town of Calhan ("Power struggle," News, Jan. 21). Here are the options as I see them:

1) 150 wind turbines producing 250 megawatts of electricity for an energy-starved nation with a rapidly growing population for the next 25 years.

2) If the past is any indicator of the future, that same 25,000 acres could become 625 new 40-acre home sites if broken up over a period of time. Needing 625 additional wells on an already over-burdened water supply, additional electrical demands that must come from somewhere, adding hundreds of additional cars and trucks on our already overloaded roads, adding additional carbon dioxide to our air, putting pressure on our local school district and a greater demand on our volunteer fire department.

Approximately 150 landowners have agreed to allow a 250-megawatt wind farm to be built on their private property. Not for their own personal use, but to help their fellow citizens have a continued, dependable supply of electricity for their needs in the future.

Which choice will they make?

To our five El Paso County commissioners, I urge you to vote yes for the construction of the Golden West Wind Farm project.

— Bob Wilcox

Vice president of the El Paso County Farm Bureau

Gordon's guns

House District 15 Rep. Gordon Klingenschmitt has introduced legislation (HR 1127) which states: "Establishes immunity from certain civil actions for owners and operators of businesses open to the public who adopt a policy allowing persons to carry a concealed handgun on the premises."

What are those civil actions? And would Mr. Klingenschmitt care to provide his constituents a list of businesses in HD 15 that "... adopt a policy allowing persons to carry a concealed handgun on the premises," so that these businesses can be avoided by people living in and outside HD 15?

In fact, since this is legislation that will affect the entire state, I would like Klingenschmitt to supply a list of all businesses that adopt this policy so the rest of the populace can shop somewhere else.

So much for the logical thinking of a "man of the cloth." Pathetic!

— Gary Casimir

Colorado Springs

To the 'job creators'

Jan's (not her real name) first negative encounter with the management at Robinson's (not a real store) occurred when they tried to deny the repetitive work injury caused by constant cash register use was work-related. Management refused to assign duties that did not require register use until the worker's comp physician mandated it.

Jan relies on public transportation to get to work. Problems occur due to the inadequacy of the public transportation system in Colorado Springs. Jan's request to have her schedule modified to accommodate the public transportation schedule was denied.

Jan's third negative encounter was also the result of a work-related injury. As a result of management's decision to use a caustic agent in the store cleaning routine, Jan developed a persistent hacking cough that got much worse when she cleaned. Her request to have the cleaning agent changed was denied until she lost consciousness due to the fumes. Medical examination revealed the cleaning agent had caused burns in her lungs.

Jan has worked at Robinson's for nine years. She is a part-time employee with a variable schedule. As a result, she has no guaranteed weekly pay. Total take-home is unpredictable from month to month. Jan gets no benefits. She gets no sick days. She always works on holidays, now even on Christmas. Jan's recent request to be removed from the schedule for two weeks so she can attend an out-of-state family wedding was denied. If she takes the time off, she loses her job.

My message to the "job creators" unwilling to accept a tax increase on the enormous wealth they have accumulated: !!!! !!! and the horse you rode in on.

— Cyrus Campbell

Colorado Springs


The Jan. 28 CannaBiz column included several errors: The National Cannabis Chamber of Commerce hopes to have 10,000 members in five years, not one; NCCC is 4 months old, not 1 week; and president Michael Miller does not own BioTrackTHC, he is the former vice president of sales and marketing. We regret the errors.

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