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Best Evidence We Are Still the Wild West

Best Evidence We Are Still the Wild West -- Buffalo and Cowboys on every corner. - SEAN CAYTON
  • Sean Cayton
  • Best Evidence We Are Still the Wild West -- Buffalo and Cowboys on every corner.

Buffalo and cowboys on every corner

OK, so they're not real, and they're not really on every corner. But don't tell Hank. Indeed, this past year, our downtown has exploded with art in the form of sculpture. We welcome the enhancements, and lest we forget our roots with the recent art boom, we needn't look very hard to find that the old Western spirit is still present, and bronzed. Let's begin downtown. On the corner of Pikes Peak and Cascade, we have the Range Riders on horseback, possibly stalking the wire bison in the median out front of Phantom Canyon. Directly one block east of the bison also in the median, is ambassador Hank the Cowboy. Hank stands tall and proud, keeping a watchful eye on traffic, all the while reading a newspaper. Go figure. About a half block east of Hank, two smaller buffalo duke it out in front of Kimball's Twin Peak. Last, and of course not least, is General Palmer, heading south on Nevada Avenue on horseback. Perhaps he is on his way to the northwest corner of Highway 24 and 21st. Street, to rendezvous with the gentleman on the burro. Or maybe he's heading up north to Highway 83 to check on the wild horses on the corner of Briargate Boulevard. Home, home on the (Front) Range. (SB)


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