Best television to binge while baked 

As someone who dreams of being a television show screenwriter, I watch more TV than I do films. My favorites tend to be one-hour dramas of all varieties, but when it comes to watching a show while toking, I tend to go more for comedies.

That being said, my No. 1 pick, Trailer Park Boys, would be on my favorite top five shows with or without cannabis (I even have two cats named after animals that make appearances on the show, Steve French and Gary Laser Eyes), but here’s a full list of shows I binge-watch while toking:

Trailer Park Boys (2001)  12 seasons, available on Netflix

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  • Trailer Park Boys

This show is about a trailer park in Canada and its residents, including three lifelong friends who are constantly going in and out of jail. Out of 12 seasons, none fail to entertain, though some are stronger than others. My favorite will always be season five, because it shows Mr. Lahey (the drunk trailer park supervisor) at his best. If you enjoy smoking reefer and haven’t seen this show, you are seriously missing out. Cameos include Snoop Dogg and Rush guitarist Alex Lifeson.

Dragon Ball Z (1989)  Nine seasons, available with a Funimation account; some seasons available on Amazon Prime

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  • Dragon Ball Z

In this classic anime, one of the world’s strongest warriors and his friends fight off villains from different galaxies, including androids and what seem like unbeatable monsters. I fought hard against finding this show entertaining, but after a few hours I couldn’t help becoming mesmerized by its bright colors and dramatic storylines. I recommend smoking a strong Indica and then letting yourself zone out to this series... the next thing you know, two hours will have passed, but your happiness lingers on.

Workaholics (2011) Seven seasons, available on Hulu

Three roommates deal with the daily grind as telemarketers and then party the rest of the time — typically with a different crazy adventure each episode. I think part of the reason I love this series is I, like so many of us, secretly want to be just like the three protagonist potheads. All they care about is making it through the day so they can start the party back up (sometimes they don’t even wait for the workday to end). My motto has always been, “Work hard; play hard.” These guys turn the play hard part into an art form. And I’m jealous.

Weeds (2005) Eight seasons, available on Netflix

A soccer mom (Mary-Louise Parker) turns into a pot dealer after her husband dies of a sudden heart attack, leaving her to raise their two sons in a California suburb. The first few seasons are really great television; some of the later ones aren’t as strong, but I still don’t feel the need to skip any episodes like I do with some of my other favorite shows. I and other Weeds fans really hope the reboot that was announced by Starz last December still happens, what with COVID-19 causing some projects to be delayed or canceled completely. 

Eastbound and Down (2009) Four seasons, available on Hulu

A Major League Baseball player returns home after ruining his career and takes a job as a middle school physical education teacher, where his high school sweetheart happens to work. If you read about my favorite stoner films (p. 18), you already know how I feel about Danny McBride’s crude humor — and this show is that to the max. And of course I can’t help but love it. It could easily have gone on a few more seasons, but all good things must come to an end. Best episode to watch on repeat: Season 3, Episode 2, where Kenny is left to watch over his young infant son by himself. So wrong but also so hilarious.

Honorable mentions: Almost any cooking show, but my personal favorites are the ones with some humor such as The Great British Bake Off (2010) and Cutthroat Kitchen (2013).

Don’t like my picks? Email me yours at digital@csindy.com. Looking for more recommendations? Popsugar offers some good options here: tinyurl.com/WatchinHigh.


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