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click to enlarge The 2000 Heinz Ketchup Float
  • The 2000 Heinz Ketchup Float

Yes, there are weeks when we're scratching our heads, wondering what to write about. But never fear, press releases like these keep us in the know on everything from the inner workings of the Rose Parade to the latest trends in home decorating.

"Heinz Hitch Driver to Provide Equestrian Commentary for Rose Parade 2000 ...

Videspec International, which provides petal-by-petal coverage of the Rose Parade each year to millions of parade viewers outside the United States, has landed a new commentator sure to give equestrian parade units equal time. Heinz Hitch driver John Dryer, himself a Rose Parade veteran having pulled the Heinz float with his Percheron horse team, will trade in his reins for a microphone on January 1.

When not appearing on international television in nearly 100 countries, Dryer can usually be found driving one of America's most famous horse teams -- the Heinz Hitch Percheron Horses. The Hitch Percherons are the same breed used by company founder Henry J. Heinz. The wagon they pull is a replica of the classic H.J. Heinz Company delivery wagons used during the late 1800s ...

'Barbie' (short for Barbecue Sauce) and 'H.J.' (named after founder Henry John Heinz) are the ever-present Heinz Hitch Dalmatians... The Dalmatians demonstrate their dedication to the horses as they sleep protectively with them in their stalls. ... Seen atop the Hitch wagon at every event, Barbie and H.J. wear harnesses similar to those of the Heinz Hitch Percherons... Preparing to someday take over for Barbie, H.J. keeps busy by following Barbie's every step."

-- Jack Horner Communications for the H.J. Heinz Company

"There are 43,600 shopping centers in the United States. The vast majority of shopping centers are strip centers. ... Retail sales taxes account for about 49 percent of all state tax revenue -- more than individual and corporate taxes combined. ... 40 million people a year visit the largest mall in the United States -- the Mall of America. ... On average the typical mall shopper visits a mall three times a month (42 trips annually on average) for one hour and 15 minutes. ... Shoppers spend on average $64.80 per trip to a mall."

-- International Council of Shopping Centers

"The Real California Cheese Story ...

California cheesemaking dates back more than 200 years when the Spanish missionary, Father Junipero Serra, established the 21 missions that still dot the California coastline. We fondly look back on Father Serra as the founder of the state's agriculture industry because he introduced cheesemaking to California along with many varieties of fruits and vegetables.

California has made its contributions to cheese history. Monterey Jack, one of the county's most popular cheeses because of its creamy, milky taste, was created here. It was named after David Jacks, who in 1882 was the first to commercially market this cheese. Teleme, another popular cheese, is also a California original.

Today, California's 50 cheesemakers are blending innovation and craftsmanship to produce a growing array of top quality cheeses. From traditional favorites to spices and flavored, California cheesemakers produce more than 130 varieties and styles of cheese from high quality cows milk.

California is the nation's leading dairy state, producing more milk that any other. Much of the milk goes to the state's cheesemakers, who are winning national and international recognition for their cheeses."

-- The California Milk Advisory Board

S.P.E.B.S.Q.S.A. stands for:

Society for the Preservation and Encouragement of Barber Shop Quartet Singing in America.

"Wall Murals and Faux Painting Are the Choice of Younger Consumers ...

Young homeowners are looking for alternatives to traditional wallpaper. They are increasingly opting for wall murals and faux painting, making these two bright spots in a sagging wallcovering industry.

Younger consumers see faux painting and wall murals as a contemporary option to wallpaper. They are also dealing with severe constraints on their time, and view the installation of wallpaper as a difficult and lengthy choice that does not fit into their busy lives. ...

One of the strengths of wall murals and faux painting, in addition to their low cost, convenience and eye-catching look, is that they appeal to all demographic groups. Environmental Graphics offers an eclectic selection of 21 different wall mural designs so that men, women and children can all find something they like...."

-- Environmental Graphics


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