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The attempted rewriting of "American History" is something that can not, and must not ever be allowed or even tolerated! For without truth, even our own past, becomes nothing more than a series of vaguely remembered and rarely even mentioned, encounters!

But after all is said and done, "Hollywood" as well, has managed to become an exciting part of our often tumultuous history! And it must also be remembered that out of our defeats, and out of all of our tears and tribulation, has also come a road map that has guided us to where we are today - the greatest of all world nations to ever exist – "The United States of America!"

And can any of you possibly even imagine the unbelievable volumes of pain and suff
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ering that went into our two-hundred and forty-three year matrix since "The American Revolution?" And just how much blood, strife and tears do you think became an intricate part of our overall makeup, as well as a proud portion of our illustrious history? And this is a heritage that can never be denied in its scope and in its perseverance, not even by those inventive writers of our illustrious past, and certainly not by those who make a handsome living out of glamorizing and fictionalizing the everyday lives of those magnificent patriots who gave their all to create that which many of us now take for granted?

For there is nothing at all mundane, commonplace or even droll about the lifetime of any individual who gave it their all! Nor can the labors of a person who genuinely tried to make a difference be cavalierly dismissed. "Be proud America - for there is much to be proud of!"

by - H. Rick Tavares



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