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Bible Herstory flips the biblical script

Alissa Smith Mar 21, 2018 1:00 AM
Chris Medina
Bible Herstory, Thursday-Saturday, 7 p.m., through March 24, Funky Little Theater Company,
Talk about a lack of representation in media — biblical ladies have it bad. Most women in the Bible tend to be prostitutes, mothers, dutiful wives or, you know, the direct cause of the expulsion of man from paradise. The whole story (sacred though it may be) is severely lacking in tales in which women get a chance to kick ass. Bible Herstory flips the script, casting women in the role of God and Her angels, and retelling six classic Bible tales with the women driving the action this time, often in hilarious ways. Noah’s wife and daughter are the ones who convince Noah to make the ark, Eve realizes she made a bit of a creative mistake when she made Adam, and Mary gives the angel Gabriella’s offer of bearing the savior Christ some critical thought. Billed as Saturday Night Live meets biblical tales, this all-female, all-local cast promises some good laughs, and (a little) theology on the side. This is closing weekend, so catch it while you can.