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It'll cost an undergrad $52,000 to go to Harvard next year, and more than $27,000 for an in-state kid to attend CU-Boulder. A college degree may be increasingly essential, but the cost of getting one is increasingly prohibitive.

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Sally Keller lives in Pueblo West & the San Luis Valley and is a retired teacher

Did you go to college? Several. I graduated from St. John's College in Santa Fe, but I also attended the University of Colorado and the University of Montana.

What's your degree in? I have an M.A. in classics.

If you could do it all over again, would you major in something different? No, but I might reconsider being a high school teacher. I loved teaching, but it was getting crazy towards the end. It was all about standardized tests, not about teaching.

What was your best college experience? A program in Mexico through the University of Montana called Sociology of Mexico. We lived with families and studied Mexico.

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Brian Zulaf just moved here and soon will be a veterinary-school intern

Where did you go to college? Portland State as an undergrad, Oregon State for grad school and veterinary school.

If you could go to any college of your choice now, where? Boston College. I know people who went there. Boston would be amazing to live in and go to college.

How important is a college degree nowadays? Extremely important, especially with jobs increasingly difficult to get. The problem, of course, is cost. You're likely to graduate $150,000 in debt.

What will a good college cost in 2025? The way it's going now, it'll be around $300,000.

Name the best or worst college mascot. That I don't know, but at Oregon State we thought it would be hilarious to play South Carolina — the Beavers vs. the Cocks.

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John Morris lives on the west side and is a retired teacher

Where did you go to college? Colorado College as an undergraduate, the University of Missouri for my doctorate.

How important is a college degree nowadays? College opens all kinds of doors, and it enriches your life in more ways than making money. It shows you things you'd never see otherwise.

Name your worst college class. A class in grad school about using statistics to interpret history. It totally destroyed the romance of history for me.

How expensive will a good college be in 2025? By 2025 it'll cost upwards of a half-million bucks to graduate from Colorado College. It was $10,000 for all four years when I went there.

What's the weirdest college mascot? The Pomona Sage Hens — whatever a Sage Hen is.


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