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I usually go out for fun on Friday nights. But last week, when friends or neighbors asked what I was up to, I told them that I was going to review Bill Cosby's comedy show in Pueblo.

The responses were telling. The more direct people said, "Oh God, I'm sorry," or "You poor thing." The less-direct offered a wincing half-smile and said something along the lines of, "And how do you feel about that?"

To be honest, a little embarrassed.

Yes, yes, I know Cosby hasn't been convicted of any crime. But with over 20 women accusing him of rape, it seems pretty likely that something is wrong here.

On the bright side, this led to some interesting conversations. One friend told me that her young son, who loves comedy, had asked to listen to some stand-up acts a while back. Given that most stand-up isn't exactly kid-friendly, she had given him several Cosby performances. The boy loves them and listens to them regularly.

But since the reports of Cosby's alleged rapes, she hasn't known what to do. Should she take them away? How would she explain to him why she was taking them away?

Luckily, most of us can avoid explaining the Cosby drama to a child. But no one with whom I spoke seemed indifferent to the situation. Their feelings ranged from animosity to betrayal to disbelief. You'd think an old friend had turned on us.

Maybe that's close to the truth. Bill Cosby, we thought we knew you.


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