Blame anyone but BP for Gulf oil disaster 


Luckily, with yet another ecological catastrophe hitting our country, we have national analysts with the expertise, insight and calm reasoning to pull our nation together and guide us to rational longterm solutions.

For example, Rush Limbaugh.

Yes, as British Petroleum's disastrous deepwater well in the Gulf of Mexico began spewing a gusher of crude that has spread across an area bigger than Delaware, Limbaugh rushed out with a one-word analysis for his radio audience that went right to the core of the problem: "Environmentalists."

The ecological and economic nightmare gushing from BP's well was not a product of technological failure, corporate greed, or regulatory laxness, but — in Limbaugh's twisted mind — the result of sabotage by maniacal greens.

"What better way to head off more oil drilling than by blowing up a rig?" asked the Sherlock of right-wing radio.

Meanwhile, some of the noisiest and oiliest politicians who were demanding deregulation of offshore drilling only two years ago — chanting "Drill, baby, drill" — are now deflecting criticism of that policy by saying that there's only one culprit to blame for BP's oozing mess: "God."

Among the finger pointers is none other than Rick Perry, the right-wing slick who happens to be governor of Texas. "From time to time," Perry recently explained, "there are going to be things that occur that are acts of God that cannot be prevented."

Hmmm. So, Perry is saying that God exploded BP's rig, killed 11 of the workers, shut down the livelihoods of countless Gulf fishing families, and spread a deadly oil slick across at least four states. Wow! That's one angry God!

Of course, if Perry is right, this god-awful disaster could be a message from on high, saying to oil giants and other politicians, "Get the hell out of my waters with your money-sucking, creation-destroying rigs."


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