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b 8/9/1954 Oakland Calif studied under the Dong of Tokyo and the Oriental Cato. Taught Paul MacCartney how to play dead. Taught Dead to play live. Beatles break-up? I might have said something to Yoko. Nixon's comeback? That was me. Jim Morrison is really dead, I should know, trust me. My birthday 8/9, Jerry Garcia dies 8/9. Manson murders 8/9. Coincidence? Of course.

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Re: “Shovelhead Saloon

I must say the place has taken a turn for the worst. Don't rely on my comments though, I am not afraid to be wrong.

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Posted by Bob Wyman on 07/26/2012 at 3:05 AM

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Re: “In the Trump era, politics is crime

I am seeing here no comments at all for Mr TrumpTracker, the Indy or the media in general who suddenly toss out a few Sheriff Joe facts and slither away.
Of, For, and By The People is our government and we should or must stay informed but that is simply not possible. That Sheriff Joe was in power for 20 plus years is amazing but the outcry was not there to stop this cretin because it was not news. That is until Trump was elected and the media is caught in their own headlights dropping the ball on the fact that they only play politics and do not practice journalism. "Yellow" journalism in an amateur way perhaps but the failure to shine those headlights on the illegal and un-Constitutional acts of law enforcement is quite telling. They would rather not live in fear and only report the crimes of the citizens as reporting crimes by police could get one into jail or even worse it could get you killed.
So to the spineless TrumpTracker and the equally spineless Independent (who can go after their own Sheriff for nothing at all besides "messy scandals", the Indy's own words) you have dropped the ball again. You fail to report news and suck up to the moneyed sponsors of your pathetic endeavors and now your TrackingTrump is in dangerous territory because you allowed Joe to do his sadistic business freely and now he is in bed with Trump. They have real power, real guns and you have displayed how easily you are made to wither in fear. The price you pay for taking sides and not doing your job is that all you have now is your Bill of Rights and I suggest you better start protecting them, they are all you have and there are only ten. Picking and choosing, adjusting and targeting the wrong people to be denied their Rights are now actual dead bodies, well over a hundred that died in the care of Sheriff Joe, that are fed rotten food, tortured by deputies and newborn babies dying in his tent city just was not news-worthy. They are criminals said Joe and you all agreed huh? Well they were poor, unable to post a bond and yet to be tried- that is called "presumed innocent" and punished for poverty. Bastards, all of you. Shame. I bet you never heard of Barry Washington either, if you had you would have reported on it or would you?

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Posted by Bob Wyman on 09/28/2017 at 12:17 PM

Re: “Reader: How far does America need to fall?

You were born this morning I presume.

Posted by Bob Wyman on 09/18/2017 at 10:14 PM

Re: “Reader: You can't cherry pick the law

"Most individuals have an objection to another person's dream financed with their dollars"... you mean "investors"?
"Letting the mentally ill vagrant or the illegal immigrant freedom to wander our country puts us all at risk"..And there, but for the Grace of God go I. And what is the risk anyway? You did not mention... You are very unclear as to what The Founders created aren't you?!
The basis for every religion is The Golden Rule. Also there is a such thing as Human Rights. Our country is not a Theocracy mind you but based on Freedom of Religion and that we all have inalienable Rights granted us by our creator.
And have you ever heard of someone referred to as a "housed person"?
Those who you shamelessly call "illegal" probably would make very fine Americans as they truly struggled to get here and they have to pass a history test which most people I know haven't a clue about American history. Here is a tidbit of history most are not aware of: In the 1800s smoking opium was banned because that is what Chinese immigrants did with opium. 1920s marijuana was banned because Mexicans smoked it. 1914 heroin and cocaine were banned because government said black men went crazy while under its influence and raped white women. That law thus enabled police to shoot kill even more black men. When did you think The War on Drugs started? Did you know nobody ever died from heroin? Government says differently but they lie, a lot. Liars are bad citizens. These laws targeted immigrants. Laws created by liars-who are bad citizens. (I am ready to toss in the "f" word here)
What is the difference between cotton and lettuce? The picker.
I am a housed person but a website called zillow dot com said my landlord should charge twice as much as what have been paying so he is raising the rent. We cannot afford it so we will be "homeless". Can you give me any pointers about how to be an upstanding homeless person? Be sure to think your suggestions through before offering them up so as not to appear stupid. Do not call me a "problem" either. I am not the only one zillow is screwing either, Denver and Colorado itself is losing lifelong residents by the scores. Nobody seems to recall The Golden Rule so I suggest you all burn your useless churches down. You can get used to the fire and the fury before you go to hell.

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Posted by Bob Wyman on 09/18/2017 at 10:09 PM

Re: “UPDATE: CSPD cop's letter says department is a mess

Late to comment but logic tells me and others who think in terms of human response can cut through the bias. Complaints to a police department need an outside board to review them and media will never report anything derogatory about a police department without the guidance of that department. That is where they get their "news".
A poor force will eventually destroy itself meanwhile until that day it is citizens who will suffer. It is time for total transparency and a lifetime commissioner who will never consort with the force to oversee the department. Police are held to a higher standard or used to be. The War on Drugs and other fabricated "emergencies" cause the half-wits in the community to support every wrong idea the police can dream up for "public safety". A hint of corruption is enough to cause firings, terminations, arrests, charges and hard time for officers. The system has no mercy for us but they can take your property and your life without due process. Mandatory yearly tax audits (done to every last cent) for every officer in this country will cause graft, corruption and theft to come to screeching halt.

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Posted by Bob Wyman on 07/23/2017 at 7:02 PM

Re: “Reader: We all know why the Civil War took place

"US Army Retired" but no rank. Unusual so it is probably a lie as well as the comment being incorrect and also bigoted. Brown, you do not know a goddam thing about very little do you...?
Those who make the "slavery" comment are not thinking logically or speaking from any facts on The Civil War so I won't waste my time educating them.
I am very tired of those who malign people who live in the Southern states but I only read that crap on the 'Net- I never hear it in public. We know why that is as well.
Speaking of racism, anyone who supports the War On Drugs should know that drug laws were based in racism. So anyone on high horse can climb on down. You do not know the first thing about drugs or racism if you listen to your government. Why not free the Blacks that are in prison due to unjust laws? 1 in 3 black men will go to prison while blacks are 12% of US population their numbers in prison exceeds 50%. Not too free are they...
As for a flag being a "symbol of hate" is in reality saying that slave owners hated Africans so they captured and enslaved them. That they starved and beat them along with letting them die from diseases as well is beyond absurd. (History is not depicted in any factual way by Tarantino.) Slaves cost money and they earned money for their owners so tell me where this " hate" enters into the picture. Please.
Cotton was the biggest selling import/export in the world so you can be sure that slaves were treated better than most people treat workers today. Greed, money and tax on cotton export was the cause of the war...
Why did the Civil Rights Bill take 100 years to enact if the North was so big on freeing people? Why did the Democratic Party resist Civil Rights right on through the 1950's?
The Dred Scott decision by the Supreme Court in 1855 ruled that Africans freed from slavery were not citizens so where is thy noble Northern cause?
How about abolitionist John Brown? He fought to free slaves and the US government hanged him. Not so noble when you rob an military armory to supply weapons to slaves who did not show up for the insurrection anyway.
Never in history have so many fought and died to free another race from slavery. Never. Nobody fought to end slavery anywhere at any time. You might as well start saying WWII was fought to free the Jews...

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Posted by Bob Wyman on 07/15/2017 at 11:19 PM

Re: “Survey: Marijuana not a driving factor for rising homeless population

Oh yeah I forgot... The weather is not nice. Why you keep printing that is beyond me. The sun shining does not mean it is going to be warm and March winds continue through April, May and June just to mention in case you all never go outside. Try sleeping outdoors on a bus bench in December here, I see people doing that. Really, try it for a week. Obvious that you who say the weather is nice never worked outdoors, such as plowing a field or fixing a broke down car in a blizzard..
Ronald Reagan once said "I don't see any unemployed people". Listen to yourselves, you are Republicans!

Posted by Bob Wyman on 06/23/2017 at 12:45 AM

Re: “Survey: Marijuana not a driving factor for rising homeless population

"All the Shit That Fits" should be the Indy's motto... Asking questions and expecting the truth from anyone is risky but to base a census on it is folly. People lie, especially those who are down and almost out. They will say anything to appear to be in control of their lives. Indy writers no doubt go to bed early and never go south as far as Mill St. They write about what they see out their office window and dare not annoy the powers that be. Stories rarely have resolution and the inordinate amount of space given to marijuana use can interest only a handful of readers at best.
The claim that the economy is robust is believable if you are well-heeled or stoned. Colorado and the nation's economy is in shambles. The minimum wage does not even have the buying power it did in the early 1970s. I cannot think of many who work 40 hours a week. Monopolies are the rule and the streets and roads are not showing any signs of repair contrary to the Indy's claim a while back that the roads were fixed! The money in the budget for street maintenance disappeared and I am still waiting for someone to look into that small oversight. It went somewhere to be sure. Now more is needed to pay attorney's to fend off one debacle after another. Letters to the Indy are either chosen for print for laughability or for misdirection. "Trump" watch is the least of our concerns and by "our" I mean those of us who can think logically and with sound minds.
There is one industry the Springs seems to have a foothold in and that is profiting from homelessness. Charity and tax money allocated need administrators to divvy it all up-right after the administrators take their salary off the top.
The claim that the Indy touted about being a promoter of small businesses was recently on the pages just ahead of the weekly restaurant trashing defamation fest- the skewering of hard working people by the sophomoric writing styles and queer culinary taste buds of junior reporters on loan from local high school writing classes and poetry contests. I won't mention I guess that "Playing Around" listings now include karaoke which last time i checked is not anyone playing music so please no more mentions of trying to make this burg another Austin Texas. Visit Austin sometime and you will see what I mean. Austin has more live music in one night than the Springs has in a year...

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Posted by Bob Wyman on 06/22/2017 at 11:02 PM

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