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Understanding Islam

Just attended a combined World Affairs Council and Citizens Project program on "Understanding Islamic Communities," where two speakers were Muslim leaders of the Colorado Springs mosque.

It comes as no surprise that our City Council and county commissioners, who were invited, did not attend. But I am sure if it were an NRA meeting, that would have held a different importance to them.

Some years ago a women's group I belonged to got invited to a luncheon by the Muslim women from the Springs mosque. The women served us their traditional food, encouraged us to ask questions about their faith, even their personal lives, and I left with a new understanding that the Quran teachings were quite similar to my Bible teachings as a child.

This was an opportunity for our community to learn about our Muslim neighbors, but the news media and city leaders deemed it not important. The only way we will ever bridge this gap and deal with the fear that is the cancer of our society is knowledge and understanding.

I hope the next time our Muslim neighbors share their beliefs it will be at the World Arena, and there is standing room only!

— Elaine Brush

Colorado Springs

Land swap questions

Thanks for the article on the land swap.

The questions I keep seeking answers to: Once the stable is built, where are the horses going to go on these trips? How many horses and riders per trip/per day? Will there be overnight camping? Where? What impact will these trips have on the environment?

At what point in time/impact do we love the mountains and forests too much?

— Allyn J. Kratz

Colorado Springs

Democracy denied

Current polls indicate the American public supports the following positions:

Universal background checks: 93 percent.

Single payer health care: 59 percent.

No more wars: 67 percent.

Increased taxes on rich: 68 percent.

Large increase in minimum wage: 75 percent.

Break up big banks: 58 percent.

Studies show that public opinion has virtually no impact on government policy. This needs to change.

— Cyrus Campbell

Volunteer for Bernie

Colorado Springs

Signs of idiocy

I'm so happy the El Paso County commissioners were finally able to address the problem of the big green crosses on all of the MMJ dispensaries. I did explain what they were to any out-of-town guests, but I never thought to tell them they couldn't buy Band-Aids and aspirin there.

We can only hope there will be funds to make and install signs for all of our international tourists coming to visit the Olympic attractions and Focus on the Family. The Colorado Springs Airport and visitor center would be great places to start, if our elected officials don't know where to begin.

A possible solution to this tragic problem would be if all the "legal" MMJ shops turned the big green crosses and made green Xs. The businesses wouldn't have to purchase new signs and we could have a "Green X marks the spot" ad campaign. Double XXs for medical and rec combined shops, but no XXX shops, as that would only add to the confusion of our out-of-state guests and their children.

Our local elected officials refuse to acknowledge that recreational marijuana passed by 5,000-plus votes in Colorado Springs city limits and only lost by about 50 votes in El Paso County.

We can only pray that our three new commissioners this November election (replacing the ones that skirted the term limits, I might add) will be more in tune with what the public wants. These idiotic laws help nobody.

— Dan Davis


Story idea

I would like to know why there is never an article on the city's fabulous City Auditorium or events? I am a 62-year-old Colorado Springs native. So many events have happened at the City Aud, and are now! What's up? I'm sick of it being the city's bastard child. It is to be respected. Please get someone out there and do an interview with the mayor on this issue!

— Candy Markum

Colorado Springs

Let's study guns

People, please! We need to start thinking and questioning rationally. I am not a huge gun advocate, for or against. However, there needs to be research into all these past (and future) mass shootings.

This study should include questions like how many people at each site of the shootings had guns of their own; how many people were carrying; how many sites were gun-free zones; how many sites had trained security; and was the target site chosen because it was a gun-free zone.

The study(ies) should also include how many lives could have been saved had somebody been able to shoot back; how many lives could've been saved with training on how to stay out of the line of fire; can future tragedies be curtailed or prevented by having weapons on-site.

Please, please help me flesh out this line of thinking so it becomes coherent and easy to follow for those who automatically put up the mental blocks. Possibly a subject for a criminal justice thesis or something supported or sponsored by the NRA. I don't care, but I feel these (and any other similar questions the populace can think up) should be addressed before any more unnecessary/dividing/stupid (choose one) gun-control measures can be enacted.

If we ask the right questions, we can get the proper answers.

— Rick Cogley

Colorado Springs

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