Bubba’s Gift is a disappointment 

click to enlarge Bubba’s Gift helps you get calm and maintain equilibrium, but that’s about it. - BRANDON SODERBERG
  • Brandon Soderberg
  • Bubba’s Gift helps you get calm and maintain equilibrium, but that’s about it.

Talking up the Instagram page @ifyouhigh among “fellow members of the cannabis community” — as a dispensary fancy pants recently dubbed “weed smokers” to me — might be as basic as bringing up the movie Pineapple Express or a Wiz Khalifa mixtape these days, but the joy that this digital museum of wild stuff put together by some kind, curatorial soul (the account has more than 5 million followers) to look at while you’re high cannot be overstated. A block of ice dropped down a nearly 1,500-foot hole bored into the snow makes a staggering series of sounds, like a lightsaber falling down the steps... a barrel-shaped bundle of bright pink cotton candy touches a bowl of water and dissolves... a deep, scary red color curls upward like a special effect from melt movie classic Street Trash... that highest-resolution-of-all-time image of the sun shows little shapes the color of Honey Smacks climbing inside one another... just wow. And there is something about Instagram’s default of looping videos that grows the wonder of @ifyouhigh. You see the video again and then again without having to do anything, picking up on the weird details, really loafing around inside these videos. It is transporting.

Smoking some Bubba’s Gift — a disappointing (and worse, fleeting) strain that combines Bubba Kush and God’s Gift and is ostensibly an Indica — was like watching one of those @ifyouhigh videos, but only once. You’re really into it, reeling, full of questions and ideas and feeling it and then, well, it’s all over, no more, back to reality. The taste and smell are pepper and spice and cheap soda, and you anticipate something as fractious as that but then the effects are just kind of calming. It takes the edge off — the way one beer takes the edge off. For some, these coy qualities are praiseworthy. Bubba’s Gift fans will say how it is an Indica-dominant that feels more like a Sativa, and that’s novel but I don’t buy it. Or to be more mindful (as I often say, cannabis is medicine and you should not tell anybody their medicine sucks), I advise you to know that what you’re getting here is pretty subtle. At best it is elusive, at worst it is weaksauce. Mostly, it feels like a screen has been put in front of you that blocks out the bad feelings and anxiety — equilibrium is maintained and that’s not nothing.

Meanwhile, the buds, these oblong, puffy things, made me think of another Instagram page: @round.boys. With a little over half a million subscribers, “the original round animals account” collects photos of say, fat cats, tubby tigers, dogs who’ve been given a haircut so that they look like an impossibly perfect sphere with eyes and a tongue (my favorite: a big bubbly seal that looks like it’s winking and sticking its tongue out). So maybe pull this lame strain out of your bag, stick some googly eyes on a bud, take a photo and submit to @round.boys and see what happens. Seems like more fun than smoking it.

Strength: 7

Euphoria: 8

Existential dread: 1

Freaking out when a crazy person approaches you: 1

Nose: Mr. Pibb

Drink pairing: Green tea

Music pairing: “Roundball Rock” by John Tesh

Rating: 6


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