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Unable to find a job that's both financially and spiritually satisfying, some young people are making their own.

click to enlarge Carl Hutchinson

Carl Hutchinson of the Patty Jewett area is an unemployed student.

Is "hipster" a pejorative term? Usually. I interpret it as a person who turns originality into a trend.

Describe a hipster. It's a less specific subculture than most, but when I think of a hipster I think fedora, John Lennon glasses, handlebar mustache, beard, a lumberjack sort of look, and someone into unique activities like slacklining or rock climbing.

What's the trendiest business out there? Trader Joe's; any organic food place.

To what extent are you entrepreneurial? I'm more artsy and philosophical than business-oriented.

How do millennials and baby boomers differ? Boomers are more conservative and traditional than millennials.

click to enlarge Carolyn Dickerson

Carolyn Dickerson of the Patty Jewett area is a data systems worker.

What connotations does "hipster" have for you? It's not a term I'd use much myself, but in some circles it means "cool," in some it means graying and casual, in some it means "local" in terms of insider knowledge, and in others it means 1970s-ish.

What's the trendiest business you can think of? Bubble tea.

To what extent do you consider yourself entrepreneurial? I ran my own technical support and data management business for about a year.

Differentiate millennials from boomers. I see more similarities than differences. Both generations tend to be [idealistic] and both are more inclined to do something for this-or-that personal reason than because everyone else is doing it.

click to enlarge Philip Krogmeier

Philip Krogmeier of the Memorial Park area is a book seller.

What does the term "hipster" bring to mind? A youth subculture that adopts older traditions, but in an ironic sense.

Describe "hipster." Someone into underground indie bands, blue jeans, flannel shirts and beards. A throwback to hippie culture.

What's the trendiest business around? Any business that does gluten-free and organic. Coquette's Bistro & Bakery is typical.

Is it easier to find a good job now than in previous generations? I think so, just because of the sheer variety of positions available. Lots of new markets have opened up lately. There's more opportunities, but they're not necessarily easy to find.

How do millennials differ from boomers? Millennials have a more jaded worldview. They're edgier and more sarcastic.

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