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Originally from Pueblo, Nato Lucero is best known locally for his role as emcee and producer in the Colorado Springs hip-hop trio Bullhead*ded. He started his musical career as the founding bassist of The Asbestos Tampons, and has also produced beats for Che Bong, Kevin Mitchell, Milogic and others. Other ongoing projects include Made Up Minds, his duo with musical partner-in-crime Zetfree of Bullhead*ded. His greatest creation to date, he says, is his child — and musical prodigy — Isla “ILL1” Lucero. We caught up with him recently to ask about some of his favorite music.

Essential Saturday night listening: Saturday nights are about the only night I have to myself, so I chill out and reflect on life with some super-deep psychedelic pop played by none other than Mild High Club based out of Los Angeles. This band’s analog sound puts me somewhere else. Four-track recorders and minor chords take me to a parallel universe somewhere in the 1970s heroin scene. Listen to their Timeline album, where tracks one through five blend together like one long melancholic song.

Essential Sunday morning listening: I’m usually half asleep on my commute from Pueblo to Springs, so I need to have something bring me to life. Verzache’s heavy bass and busy beats usually do the trick. He’s a Toronto-based artist whose music falls into the category of EDM, although that’s a genre I don’t have much to do with. Much respect to this guy for blending heavy electronica with melodic guitar riffs and singing. My main jam right now is his “hiccup” single.

“Wish I’d written that” song: “Inherited Scars” by Sage Francis. I first heard this song in my late teens, when the angst hits the hardest. It’s from his album Personal Journals, and is the one song I wish I could have written. His writing is so descriptive that I actually feel like I’m in the song. It’s so close, you can almost touch it. What luck to have such a great spiritual guide, a real dude who lets us know we aren’t the only ones going through things.

“Wish I could unhear that” song: Nothing comes to mind, because “bad music” only makes the good better. Personally, if I could unhear a song it would be “Rust” by Che Bong, off of his sophomore solo album Telescope to the Heavens, not because it’s bad, but because of the emotions it pulls to the surface for me. That song will forever affect me, but some feelings have to come up to deal with them, so even then I guess unhearing it would not help. Amazing how someone so close to me could write something so impactful.

My latest online discovery: Thanks to Pandora’s “artists like” shuffle, my latest online discovery is Good Morning, who sound a lot like Mild High Club. They’re a heroin-chic band who make use of the tape-shift effect on their guitars to really pull out those minor chord riffs. Their single “On the Street/You” is kinda hard to track down, but it’s available on Apple music. This band really moves me mentally.

Artist more people should know about: This one’s kinda tough. So many great artists still undiscovered: Onry Ozzborn, NxWorries, Ivan Ave, Chicano Batman, E-Turn, 2Mex, the list goes on. It’s hard to know what people already know, but Bullhead*ded would probably be the one to check out, haha.

Guilty pleasure: “Love Come Down” by Evelyn “Champagne” King. Me and my child get down on some dance parties to this old-school jam.


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