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A Beka Book, based in Pensacola, Fla., is among the more popular homeschool curriculums with a Christian flair. A representative says the company has active accounts with 250,000 families and another 10,000 with religious schools.

A general science text, Science of the Physical Creation, begins with a discussion of the limitations of mathematics. "Human nature, for instance, cannot be expressed by equations because people are not bound by the laws of the universe to act a certain way; man has a free will."

A chapter on "Interpreting the Fossil Record" is a sustained argument against evolution, which is called a "concept that attempts to free man from God and his responsibility to his Creator." The chapter includes a discussion of Noah's ark and explains how the vessel, thought to have three decks and measure 450 feet long by 75 feet wide, had room for about 30,000 pairs of land animals to live together for about a year.

"Undoubtedly, many large kinds such as dinosaurs and mammoths were represented by small young animals, and many animals may have hibernated or estivated (remained in a dormant state) while aboard the ark."

BJU Press, which is associated with Bob Jones University, a Christian college in Greenville, S.C., sells textbooks and materials popular with Christian schools and homeschoolers.

A BJU geometry text seems to present the math in fairly direct terms, but interspersed with comments about divine order. One page shows a picture of a daffodil, with text remarking on its intricate pattern: "For you see, the greatest master of geometry is our God."

The book Science 2 for Christian Schools outlines the evolution/creation debate in simple terms: "People who believe the Creation theory believe God made the earth ... People who believe the evolution theory believe the earth made itself."

Alpha Omega Publications, located in Rock Rapids, Iowa, also offers books and materials for "Bible-based" homeschooling. A science diagnostic test from the company's LIFEPAC series contains the following questions:

You use your senses to help you ____ God's world.

(a) see (b) know (c) hear

The universe began when ____.

(a) gravity started it (b) God created it (c) stars were born (d) it just happened

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