CannaBiz: MMJ trouble in D-2 

Bad medicine in D-2

In case you haven't heard via Colorado Independent, Daily Kos, the Huffington Post or the IndyBlog: A Harrison District 2 high school student has been barred from classes after he takes medical marijuana, his father says.

The teen suffers from a painful condition called myoclonus diaphragmatic flutter, which often results in seizures. In the past, he's been forced to rely on the twice-daily use of 16 prescription drugs to ease his pain. Currently, with the help of MMJ, he only uses two to four drugs a day.

Since state law forbids the possession of illegal drugs — including the federally prohibited MMJ — on school grounds, the plan was that when he was suffering from an attack, he could call his dad, who would drive over, and bring him home, where he could safely medicate with his pills or lozenges. His father, Shan Moore, says his son transferred from Harrison High School to Sierra High School, in fact, to be closer to home.

Moore says that this plan was OK'd by the school's administration, so it came as a shock to the family when last week, Moore was told that it would have to stop.

"I don't understand why for a couple weeks now he's been able to go home, take his medication, and return to school, and all of a sudden he can't," Moore told the Independent.

The school, he says, informed him that his son would be in violation of a rule against the internal possession of illegal drugs on school grounds if he were to medicate prior to attending classes.

In a statement e-mailed to the Indy on Tuesday, District 2 spokeswoman Jennifer Sprague wrote that "if the student ingests medical marijuana off-campus and returns to school, then as long as the student isn't disruptive or showing signs of impairment then they are treated just like any other student. If the student is disruptive or showing signs of impairment, then we will address their behavior with the appropriate discipline."

In a follow-up conversation, when asked if she was referring specifically to Moore's son, Sprague says that she cannot comment on a student.

Bud shake

Coloradans for Medical Marijuana Regulation, a group that promised to lobby the state Legislature on behalf of patients, disintegrated last week after months of turmoil.

• The Los Angeles Times reports that California activists have already begun working on writing a new marijuana-legalization measure that aims to be more sensitive to the concerns of the MMJ community there.


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