CannaBiz: Sad story at Natural Remedies MMJ 

Didn't add up

It took more than a few tries, but I finally got Brandy Bowen on the phone for an update.

"We're moving to California," says the co-owner of Natural Remedies MMJ (408 S. Nevada Ave., naturalremediesmmj.org). "At first we were going to move to California and start our own little grow, but now we've decided, the fuck with medical marijuana because we can't take any chances. We're too young, and we can't both have our names screwed up, because I could possibly get felony charges out of this whole deal."

The latter referencing her center's being shut down for housing 528 plants over what her patient count allows; and for her making and selling her own edibles without a license.

So, what happened on the initial charge?

"When we opened our doors, a care center couldn't be a caregiver, you know, it had to be a person," says a tearful Bowen. "So my husband, we designated him the caregiver for 3,000 patients. And as the time went along, they changed that on us, and a center had to be the caregiver.

"Well, I didn't get all of my patients switched over, so Natural Remedies MMJ did not have enough patients designating them as their care center to grow as many plants as we had."

Thursday, Feb. 9, is the last day for the center, where Bowen says her only regret is leaving her patients behind.

"Other than that, I will miss nothing about the business aspect of this, because, honestly, it's not a business ..." says Bowen. "We can't operate like a business because of the state, the city, the county, none of them look at us like a business. But I will miss my patients — truly miss them."

Keef crumbs

• Hit the Colorado Springs Medical Cannabis Council's mixer at 7 p.m., Thursday, Feb. 9, at the Warehouse Restaurant and Gallery (25 W. Cimarron St., thewarehouserestaurant.com). Ten bucks gets you in the door, while Council members get in free.

• The Denver Post reports that the Colorado Court of Appeals has overturned a previous decision allowing those on probation in Colorado to use medical marijuana: "Does the statutorily mandated condition of probation requiring a probationer not to 'commit another offense' while on probation include commission of offenses under federal law?" the paper quotes the court's opinion as saying. "We conclude that it does."

• The ednewscolorado.org site reports that the percentage of Coloradans between 12 and 25 who have used marijuana in the past year is at 38.5 percent, 10 percent higher than the national average.


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