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Sixty seconds with Ian Graham

Indy: Nineties indie rock gets referenced a lot in your reviews, but some of your songs remind me of old Twin-Tone bands like the Replacements and Hüsker Dü. Is that just a Midwestern thing?

IG: We're obviously from the Midwest [Lansing, Mich.], so we're pretty familiar with them. They're two of my favorite bands, actually.

Indy: The Replacements also had two brothers in their band. But one of them died and the other ended up in Guns N' Roses. Are you worried that will happen to you?

IG: No, we're a little less turbulent than that. We get along pretty well. I had a $60 guitar my brother bought for me when he was 8, just from a $2 allowance he saved up every week. He's a pretty responsible guy.

Indy: You gave away a download of your acoustic EP last month, but limited the offer to just 12 hours. Why draw the line there? Why not 12 minutes?

IG: You don't want to be too exclusive. That was a good span, you know, people can go to work, read about it on their lunch break, and then go home and download it. It was all hosted by our label. At one point I asked if anybody was downloading it, and in a few hours it was like a couple thousand.

Indy: "Fort Lauderdale" is a catchy song. Have you ever actually been friends with a Fort Lauderdale waitress?

IG: No, I don't actually know anybody there. A kid at a show of ours was from there and really excited that I was gonna have this great Fort Lauderdale story. But I know nothing about Fort Lauderdale.

Indy: If you ever do play there, will you scream, "How you doin', Fort Lauderdale?"

IG: Yeah, and then we'll just play that song for 45 minutes, over and over. Sell some records.

At the Triple Nickel, Feb. 7.


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