Chemistry's set 

New house music club at The Underground features Mazi

Dancing is one of the top two forms of exercise on Earth.

Don't get me wrong, I am a sucker for a good game of tennis and I have been skiing since I was 5, but neither of those activities can ever hope to compete with my passion for dance. Why not? Tennis and skiing carry the competitive sports stigma. They are both practiced professionally with specific rules and objectives (i.e., scoring more points than your opponent or racing someone else to the bottom of a mountain).

Dance infatuates me due to the simple fact that it has no specific objective, except for the pure physical pleasure of those experiencing it. Anyhow, following nearly a decade of dance-club-proximate residence in Denver, you can imagine the culture shock my kicks experienced upon recently migrating to a quiet ranch near Peyton.

Luckily, Chemistry, the newly christened weekly club night on Saturdays at The Underground downtown, has spontaneously materialized to prevent the dust from accumulating on my shoes.

Actually, the event did indeed exist in a previous incarnation called Deep Saturdays, and current Chemistry promoter John Barnhart was immensely involved in, even integral to, its success.

The grand re-opening was kicked off last week with Colorado's own DJ duo the Floorfillerz. Although the floor may not have actually been completely full on its first night back in action, guest DJ Mazi has plans to finish the job on the 16th.

Mazi Namvar was born 29 years ago in Iran. After dragging the lad through the lands of Greece, China, Japan, and Germany, his mom and dad eventually settled down in Chicago. Given that Mazi is now a house music fanatic, their decision to land in the house music capital of the universe couldn't have served his virgin eardrums any better. WBMX FM in Chicago provided the impressionable teen-ager his first exposure to a dance music genre that would later change his life.

Curious about those sonic collaged broadcasts, Mazi sleuthed his way to a nightclub to conduct further investigation. The vinyl buying habit that afflicts all DJs followed soon after, and he formed his first label, Shroom Records, to satisfy his need to produce music.

A disc jockey pal talked Mazi into making "booty house" to get his foot in the door with other labels.

What other ingredients does Barnhart have in store for the immediate future of his Chemistry project? Godfather of techno Frankie Bones (East Music Group) on Aug. 30, Colorado disc jockey collective milehighhouse on Sept. 6, and Casa Del Soul's Little Mike on Sept. 27. Rotating local residents will include Christopher Michael, Chandler, Jason Robin, and Logan O'Neal.

If you're as passionate about dancing as I am, you can't afford to miss Colorado Springs' only weekly electronic music event ambitious enough to rock your body with airdropped national-caliber talent. Let the Chemistry experiment commence to explode.

-- Orange Peel Moses


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