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Re: “Springs Utilities: Not for sale

Ronald, I am wondering if the service, like service calls, is broken out and payed for seperately on the billing cycle? I would also ask if you were unhappy with the service you received did you tell someone at CSU? These utility provieders generally have what I call "gripe lines" for customers who feel there is a problem. I would finally ask if you were talking about a business rate or residentual? Most of these Companies do give businusses a discouted rate because of the amount of usage. Residentaul are rates I would think would be higher. I am curious because we have a private company as a provider and I have wondered how it would stack up with other private service providers. Our service has always been very good and I have no complaints about it. However my electric bill is significantly high than it was on CSU service.

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Posted by Cheryl R. Burr on 04/19/2013 at 4:23 PM

Re: “City Councilor Collins and 'the little people'

Well TT it appears the stupid people are the ones who disagree with you.

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Posted by Cheryl R. Burr on 04/18/2013 at 10:17 AM

Re: “Nastygrams try to smear Utilities employees

Well Tejon Tech, first it would be nice if you used your real name instead of hiding on Tejon. Then it would be nice if you realized the workers you accuse of standing around were likely employed by the street department and under General City and under a department ruled by Bach and the reason there were five was because each had a specific job so they could move along in a effeciant manner, spending less and less of your tax dollar. You might check on those big salaries you wrote about. I think you might find that it may have been a while since a number of the CSU employees had raises and then check to see what a similar position in the private sector pays, you may find a small difference (please note sarcassem here in case your GED has not kicked into place). I also have to wonder how new you would want your equipment when you were hanging on the electric pole with 120 volts singing through the wires above you? Aren't you happy it took you seven years or so to become a Journeymen? When you look at the "sick reports" you may find that there is a lot of time built up because many of the staff can't take sick days they need due to positions being cut through retirement, etc so that jobs didn't have to eliminated, and if someone is out the job doesn't get done. Oh, if you are looking at the long weekends, please note that the ones that worked July 4, 2012 did so not because they were payed, but because it was the right thing to do to get utilities back on in Mountain Shadows. You do remember the wild fire, right? You may then inquire what Excell ratepayers payed for their folks to be around that day. You know I did see an interview that was done with the CEO of CSU. Funny he did not come acrossed to me as being slick, fast talking. He did come acrossed as being calm, and toughtful of his words. I don't think I have heard him saying alot to defend his actions or his leadership to Bach, Dougan, Leighe, the public, or you. I guess you would say that makes him a weak, gutless leader and person. Or does it mean he is confident in his decesions, feels he has done the right thing and therefore does not have to defend what he has done? You know, come to think of it he also hasn't been telling us of all the great acheivments or things he has done for the City. I guess he doesn't have to give you his resume contantly, or publicly stir the pot. Gee, Tejon Tech who could learn a few things from that?

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Posted by Cheryl R. Burr on 03/26/2013 at 9:31 AM

Re: “UPDATE: City attorney issues campaign warning

Both of my parents retiried from Colorado Springs Utilities. Between the two of them there were 65 years of service. I still have every service award pin and service award gift given to them. I watched my father eat bottles Tums because of the indigestion brought on by stress. I saw the bags under my mothers eyes in the morning because she couldn't sleep because she wasn't sure the billing cycle ran. Because that was what provided the revenue for the Utilities and some to the City. They are both at Evergreen Cemetary now. For the first time ever I am embaressed to say they worked for the City and the Utilities. I have watched, with great dismay, the current Mayor and his Group turn this City into something it is not. The jobs have not been created and I have not seen the growth that was promised. Yet I am told there is 70% approval rating of Bach in a Denver based paper. Mr. Melcher, I have know a number of very good, honerable Attourneys in this city. I am sorry, you are an embarressment to them all and the profession. I was always under the impression the the City Attourney was hired to councel the Mayor, City Councel, Colorado Springs Utilities, and General City. Apparently I have been misinformed for a long time. So far it is only Bach's office you have chosen to represent and councel. From what I was always taught that means you have done only part of your job and should be terminatd. I realize that anything I say does here does not make a difference to you or those you work for, this comment will not change the political climate that had been fostered in this City. I do hope someone will read this and at least realize that the Policemen, Firemen, General City, and Colorado Springs Utility employees you now and in the past have threatened, are the ones who provided you the chance of your current job title. I also hope that they realize that all the employees now and in the past, worked and sacraficed much of their lives for this Community. I can only pray that person will think about what all those past and current employees built so it could be discredited, threatened and destroyed.

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Posted by Cheryl R. Burr on 03/01/2013 at 10:41 AM

Re: “Utilities employee group picks City Council slate

The employees of Colorado Springs Utilities are not trianed monkeys or people who are blundering idiots. They are like you Tired, they may even be your neighbor. If it is so easy to do their jobs why don't you put on a pair of spikes and go climb the electic pole outside your house. Make sure the wind is blowing and snow is flying in your face. Please don't reach up too high that buzzing over your head is just 120 volts going through the line. These people are trained in their areas and have choosen to take less money to live in this area and service this community. I am amazed at the reaction by some about the fact that the Employees Group would dare to speak up about this election. You know what? It could be your job going out the door. Never mind that budget cuts have been made through not hiring to replace lost employees. Never mind that most of you and your co-workers have been putting in unpayed overtime to get the work done. It doesn't matter how good you are. Do you really want to tell me you wouldn't take the chance to fight for your job if it was you? Mr. Leigh would have lawyers all over someone who discredited his business, he would fight them everyway he could. Ms. Gaebler with all due respect, the HBA had endorsements out for Candidates before everyone had announced. How would they know what the Candiadates stood for if they didn't know who else would join the group? Also I would ask why, if this was so important, didn't you get on the phone and call the Group when you found out they had not been included you? Was it really so much an issue that it had to be voiced in a public arena? I also have to wonder if the EAG group had problems contacting you how would someone find you to volunteer?

25 likes, 6 dislikes
Posted by Cheryl R. Burr on 02/26/2013 at 6:03 PM

Re: “Tim Leigh and the 52 percenters

The state of Arizona can't enforce a federal law to verify citizenship during trafic stops. How would we ever enforce a voting test?

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Posted by Cheryl R. Burr on 02/26/2013 at 5:16 PM

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