Children of Bodom 

Sixty seconds with Henkka Seppälä

Indy: In your new video, "Smile Pretty for the Devil," you're surrounded by explosions and battling mummies, but you don't look scared at all. How can that be?

HS: Well, the mummies were good-looking German actresses — it was hard to be scared of them! The explosions, they were scary. The explosion dude stacked lots of powder in a hole behind us, and then placed us in front of the hole, and said, "Just play like usual, but don't back up at all, otherwise you'll be blown away!"

Indy: Have you really recorded a song about the Lake Bodom murders on each of your six albums? Besides growing up near where they took place [Espoo, Finland], what is it about them that fascinates you?

HS: There is a song that refers to the lake on each album. It's a nice topic to get some inspiration for the lyrics. The stories are not real, they're just inspired by the actual events and the spooky atmosphere that reigns over the area around the lake during the summer nights.

Indy: You sounded like you had fun covering Britney Spears' "Oops! ... I Did It Again." What other covers have you done, or are likely to do?

HS: We've recorded almost 20 covers over the years. We will have a cover album out in the fall, so you'll see then. There's all kinds of fun, diverse stuff, from Britney to Slayer, from Sepultura to Scorpions.

Indy: I understand Jaska [Raatikainen, drummer] and your first rhythm guitarist [Alexander Kuoppala] originally met while playing French horn and trumpet. Are any of you into Jean Sibelius or other less contemporary Finnish music?

HS: Well, I like a lot of Finnish music. Obviously, lots of good metal, but there's good stuff in all genres. I'm not a huge classical fan, even though I enjoy it a lot. Sibelius, I know only the Finlandia composition, and that's awesome work!

At Denver's Fillmore Auditorium, April 28.


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