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For a holiday that's supposed to be all about love, a lot of people sure seem to hate Valentine's Day. We probably could have probed deep into the psychology behind this ... but we opted just to enjoy the angst.

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Steve Long from Elbert is a car salesman

What do you associate with Valentine's Day? Dread. Something you have to do, but don't want to, like having to go to a funeral.

Is its observance more important to men or women? Women are a lot more into romanticism than guys.

Have you had any memorable Valentine's Days? I loved the grade-school stuff of exchanging valentines.

How much will it cost you this year? It cost me $28.90 last year and it'll cost $28.90 this year — for a dozen roses for my daughter.

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Megan Dolomisiewicz from Manitou Springs is a student and barista

Is Valentine's Day more a male or female holiday? It makes women feel special and loved when guys buy them stuff. Guys kind of resent being obliged to do it.

Relate a happy Valentine Day's memory. It was fun the time a guy I was dating in high school filled my locker full of stuff.

How much will Valentine's Day cost you this year? Dinner out with my husband, maybe some flowers ... $150, maybe?

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Maleeka Marscen from the North end area is a college student

What does Valentine's Day bring to mind? Commercialism. Cards, chocolates, flowers. Lots of red and pink.

Is the day more important to men or to women? Women get off on expressions of love more than guys do, especially getting them.

Any good Valentine's Day memories? A former boyfriend got me a heart-shaped pizza one year. That was cute. I thought he was going to say he loved me, but he didn't.

What is Valentine's Day going to cost you? No more than 50 bucks, I hope — on a nice dinner for someone, maybe? We'll see how things go in the next week or so.

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Molly Harris from downtown is a barista

What does Valentine's Day make you think of? A manufactured holiday. Invented obligations.

How much will Valentine's Day cost you? I'm more into hanging out and doing things that don't take money, just enjoying people.

Is Valentine's Day or St. Patrick's Day more fun? Valentine's Day is kind of dreary for a lot of people. They feel bad about themselves if they don't have someone to spend it with. On St. Patrick's Day, everyone hangs out, having fun.


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