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Re: “MRFF sues the Air Force over records


Why do you stop counting the killing any religions at Biblical times. They are still doing it today and have ever stopped. When you add all their wars as well it far tops the worst of the leftists and as they were.

I am a Marine Vietnam War vet. We lost 56000 Americans, a sad loss. But the Vietnamese lost 3,500,000 people. We left the largest chemical attack on any nation anywhere at any time. Over two million tons just of Agent Orange. As a vet my own health issues are Agent Orange related according to the VA. But it is worse in Vietnam because the poison is still there and we know for a fact that they are still having fourth generation birth defects afterward. On our own vets we stopped our investigation at the third generation. And no one knows what the effects were on Agents Green, Blue, Yellow, and White also poisons were, what happens when you got affected by any or all of them.We also carpet bombed South Vietnam, but did not carpet bomb North Vietnam, our alleged enemy. So most of the 3.5 million deaths and many more crippled were due to us not due to the North Vietnamese, or the Viet Cong. We did shock and awe even back then.

In the war in Bosnia we started using bombs and shells encased with depleted uranium impregnated steel shells the uranium that is left after you get out U235 for nuclear bombs and unclear fuel rads. It hardens the steel for armor piercing bombs and shells. It is also radioactive for about ten thousand years and in dust form after exploding. We used millions of tons of it in every war since Bosnia. In Iraq alone the birth defect rate, and the cancer rate went up some 500% since 2005 after our use of it. We will not do any clean up so it is part of the local ecology that those people, our allies will live with forever. By the way it is a problem for many of our later veterans as well and part of the reason for the strange illnesses that they suffer.

Our military does not count civilians that get killed in our attacks a big part of the attacks on major cities, part of our shock and awe technique. They are referred to as Collateral damage. In any war, far more civilians die than combatants, that is just the nature of war by any army and always has been. Our ally Iraq government notes we killed about a million civilians in our two wars on Iraq. Our Afghanistan ally government say we did the same there. These are our allies in power because we put the there and they have not reason to lie about it. this is the reality of war any war by any people, not just us. No government ever informs its own civilians what they are doing in their name, just the bad the enemy does.

As a ex-warrior I have take part in that by taking part in war. That is part of the reason so any vets have problems because they bury that and cannot talk about it to anyone because their fellow citizens do not want to know. They want to believe the Hollywood version of war about bravery and good guys. There are no good guys in any war, only bad and much worse.

Hatred for the US? Why? Every country that goes to war does much the same things. What do you think the British soldiers did to our colonists during the Revolution and us to them or during the war of 1812, or we did to the Indians, or the Black slaves? What do you think both sides [ North and South ] did in the Civil War, World War I and Word War, II, and Korea and no and on and on.

War, my deluded little Christian, is just an excuse to do mass murder. Those that make money off of war, it's supplies, bullets, guns, and missiles get filthy rich off of the war that they will never have to fight, nor their kids or family.

Welcome to the real world. Remember the first victim of war is TRUTH! We Americans are just as good at lying to others, and to ourselves, as any other people in the world are. Including those nasty leftists or rightists for that matter. Do you really thing that what religion that you follow, or no religion, really changes how humans act? So far it has not.

The big problem with any religion is that it has humans in it. Humans never needed a devil to become bad. It is just nice to have a scapegoat, rather than have to take responsibility for our own deeds. Meanwhile there are also some fairly nice people, but the that would be the same regardless of religion, or lack of religion. All of those people, good and bad, were made by the very same creator. You even believe that the creator created a devil. So is the creator good, bad or neither? I suspect deity has no morals but is amoral. After all, who is going to punish a deity if he does something bad say like flooding the entire world to kill of his own creation.

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Posted by Christopher Blackwell on 11/09/2015 at 4:54 PM

Re: “UPDATE: Amen, and pass the smelling salts at USAFA


Actually you did serve with Atheists and Gays, if you served in our military, since they have always been in our military right from the beginning. I certainly served with them in Vietnam and my father certainly served with them in World War II.

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Posted by Christopher Blackwell on 02/05/2014 at 12:21 PM

Re: “Inside the AFA worship circle

Tech. Sgt. Brandon Longcrier and the officials at the Academy have done something that is rather remarkable. They have worked together to make a real change. The Sgt., has followed proper procedure and the chain of command in working for this change and the chain of command as worked with him and followed through to make it happen. All of the people involved deserve our respect and are examples of how to accomplish change in our military. I would not make fun of any of them as a Marine vietnam Veteran and a Wiccan.

Posted by Christopher Blackwell on 02/11/2010 at 11:09 AM

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