Augustine, Sisters & Brothers 


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Augustine (NR)

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A medical mystery, a sensual drama and an ethical horror show, Augustine has a variety of modes, but perhaps most surprisingly, it's also based on a true story. Impressively mounted by Alice Winocur in her debut feature, the late-19th century period piece concerns an afflicted kitchen maid whose writhing, all-encompassing (and seemingly sexual) seizures have brought her to the attention of Jean-Martin Charcot, an innovative neurologist specializing in the now-debunked field of "hysteria." While Charcot parades the maid in front of academic onlookers, their relationship tests the doctor-patient boundaries behind the scenes. If it sounds like a comfortable middle ground between the cerebral and raw A Dangerous Method and the more earnest Hysteria, that's probably a good place to start. Winocur's outing reaches for romance more than those films, and the actors oblige, especially French singer Soko as the maid. — Justin Strout

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Sisters &Brothers (R)

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If it is not zombie movies, you can almost always guarantee that independent filmmakers will go to the next clichéd source of cinema, the dysfunctional family comedy-drama. The tepid Sisters & Brothers is another one of these, a film whose claim to fame will be that it stars Cory Monteith, the recently deceased Glee heartthrob. Monteith is Justin, a movie star who takes a road-trip with his titular brother and sisters. They bicker, spill secrets, come to terms with issues and ultimately find understanding. It's the type of movie you've seen before, in far better ways, without much originality or laughs. The characters are all unlikable and irritating, and that would be bad enough, but being trapped in a car with them? No thanks. Monteith never showed much range on Glee and he's not much better here, though his fans won't notice. I was thoroughly bored and agitated and wishing some zombies would show up. — Louis Fowler


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