Bill Cosby ... Far From Finished, Intolerance, Magic City: The Complete Second Season 


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Bill Cosby ... Far From Finished (NR)

Comedy Central

It's depressingly necessary to admit there are people out there who may be interested in a new Comedy Central stand-up special, yet have no idea who this Cosby fellow is. (Those people probably don't say "fellow.") Rest assured, kids, that grumpy man is a remarkable storyteller. To those, like me, who fell asleep every night to the vinyl of To Russell, My Brother, Whom I Slept With, you can exhale — Retirement Home Cosby is exactly how we pictured him. A jazzman through and through, Cosby riffs on his greatest hits while also winking at the generations that followed his lead, from Chris Rock's call-and-responses to Louis C.K.'s deadpan exasperation. An interview with Finished director Robert Townsend finds Cosby getting even more real, rolling his eyes at Lenny Bruce and admitting to cribbing off George Carlin. Grandpa Bill is incorrigible that way. — Justin Strout

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Intolerance (NR) (Blu-ray)

Cohen Media Group

After creating the most racist film of all time with 1915's The Birth of a Nation, director D.W. Griffith did some too-little-too-late backtracking with his over-the-top epic Intolerance a year later. Widely considered a masterpiece by anyone who's been in a film class where regurgitating the professor's ramblings is par for the course, Intolerance is an endurance test for anyone's cinematic tolerance levels. Beautifully restored and remastered, this 197-minute release covers the history of injustice throughout the world's history, ranging from Jesus and the Pharisees to the fall of ancient Babylon to a modern story about a blue-collar dude accused of a crime he didn't commit. Filmed with a cast of thousands, the sets and costumes were lavish, though through the lens of time, what was once considered one of the greats now just comes off as silly and melodramatic. — Louis Fowler

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Magic City: The Complete Second Season (NR) (Blu-ray)

Anchor Bay Entertainment

The swankiest show that's not Mad Men is back for an eight-episode second season. And part of me likes this better than Mad Men, if only for doing away with all that stretched-out character development in favor of just being Sinatra cool for the sake of being Sinatra cool. We're still in 1959 Miami, and down-and-dirty hotelier Jeffrey Dean Morgan needs to get sleazy baddie Danny Huston ousted from his hotel. To do this, he calls in a new crime boss, played by the always watchable James Caan, to move his Chicago mafia to the sandy shores and get the lunkhead out of the city. However, there's no such thing as an easy deal when working with organized crime, so Morgan finds himself going from one devil to the next, in a season that will leave you clamoring for the third. — Louis Fowler


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