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I Want Someone to Eat Cheese With (R)
IFC Films

Jeff Garlin, best known as Larry David's pal on Curb Your Enthusiasm, wrote and directed this sweetly dark comedy about a plus-sized gentleman looking for love between bouts of dieting and trying to find an acting gig. He finds himself attracted to ice cream scooper Sarah Silverman, who is pleasantly tender until the final act, when her fangs are finally bared in the most painful manner. As a portly man myself, I felt a knife through my heart in the final scene. But mixed in with the romantic pathos is the same observational, avant-garde humor that the many devoted fans of Curb Your Enthusiasm have come to know well and love. If only there were decent extras on the DVD; even a commentary would have been nice. Louis Fowler

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Zapped! (R)
MGM/UA Home Entertainment

Imagine that you were graced with the powers of telekinesis, the ability to move things with your mind. What would you do first? Help orphans in Darfur? Destroy atomic bombs in space? Smoke out Osama bin Laden? Of course. But that's not what Scott Baio does. No, instead, with the help of Willie Aames, he uses his newfound gift to continually put his classmates, usually Heather Thomas, into some sort of nudity-filled hijinks. It's a typical 1980s sex comedy with superpowers, filled with typically offensive stereotypes and sexual harassment played for laughs. It's a disposably mindless classic, but as someone who encountered it nonstop on HBO in the '80s, I found it a perfectly cheesy walk down mammary lane. Louis Fowler

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Justice League: The New Frontier (PG-13)
Warner Bros. Animation / Release date: Feb. 26

Based on Darwyn Cooke's groundbreaking reinterpretation of the classic DC Comics superteam, The New Frontier finds Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, etc., on the brink of societal change in the late '50s. Test pilot Hal Jordan is imbued with the powers of the Green Lantern, as well as Martian Manhunter and The Flash, whose origins are what sets the league up against Captain Cold. It's beautifully animated, classic comic fun masquerading as a morality tale about acceptance. Cooke had input on every aspect of the film, making it one of the most faithful adaptations ever. The two-disc special edition is packed with commentaries, as well as an exhaustive piece about the pathology of a super-villain. This is geek manna, comic nerds. Louis Fowler


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