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American Meth (NR)
With methamphetamine use having become so prevalent across the nation, you'd think there'd be a plethora of hot meth action to capture on camera. But somehow director Justin Hunt eschews all that and instead makes the most boring film possible. For most of the movie, American Meth feels like a heavy-handed college student's PowerPoint presentation. Val Kilmer narrates a bunch of statistics, and Hunt interviews some cops and recovering addicts against the backdrop of an irritating alt-country soundtrack. The last 30 minutes, when viewers actually live with a meth-addicted couple, are extremely harrowing, but by then it's too little, too late. American Meth hits rock bottom right at the start. Louis Fowler

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South Park: Imaginationland (NR)
Paramount/Comedy Central DVD
Cobbled together from three TV episodes, the Imaginationland feature-length "movie" proves once again that Trey Parker and Matt Stone are the ballsiest satirists out there. In the mythical world of "Imaginationland," all of mankind's imaginary creations live happily until Islamic terrorists suicide-bomb the place, holding Butters hostage. They also blow out a Care Bear's brains. The boys have to help the government (and Kurt Russell) get to the other side in order to detonate a nuke. Meanwhile, in a subplot, Cartman trys to get Kyle to perform a certain sexual act on him as part of a bet. While South Park's shock factor has dissipated over the years, it's still hilarious. The DVD even has a couple of bonus episodes. Worth your 10 bucks. Louis Fowler

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Jack Ketchum's The Lost (NR)
Anchor Bay Entertainment
Jack Ketchum's The Lost is the second film based on the works of author Jack Ketchum to make it onto DVD recently. While the movie really wants to be a David Lynch film, la Twin Peaks, laughable performances and poor pacing effectively squelch that wish. The main problem is lead actor Marc Senter, as the supposedly scary psychopath Ray Pye. Sure, the character murders for fun, but he's still never really frightening maybe it's all the "guyliner" he has caked on. Ray seems more like the lead singer of a fey screamo band than a movie monster. It doesn't help that director Chris Sivertson tries to create a 1950s dreamland to failed effect. If you want Jack Ketchum, stick with the masterful The Girl Next Door. Louis Fowler


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