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The Sasquatch Gang (PG-13)
Screen Media Films
From a few of the guys who brought you Napoleon Dynamite, comes The Sasquatch Gang, a comedy in that same low-key spirit. Gavin Gore (Jeremy Sumpter), a fantasy/sci-fi nerd, and his equally outcast friends believe they are on the trail of Bigfoot when they find some suspect scat. Meanwhile, next-door white-trash ne'er-do-wells Zerk and Shirts (Justin Long and Joey Kern) need some quick cash, so they use the event as a money-making scheme. But, in the grand scheme of the film, Bigfoot serves as background to the slice-of-life relationships of these losers, which are often comically bittersweet and very surreal. And most of the time it works, delivering a chuckle here and there, but it's pretty easy to see why it bypassed theaters. Louis Fowler

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Full Count (R)
Allumination Filmworks
Remember when Chris Klein, after playing apple-cheeked stud Oz in the the American Pie films, was supposedly going to be the next "teen dream" actor? Boy, has he fallen a bit to be given 15th billing in a film like Full Count. The story follows a bunch of Kansas teenagers (who all look more like they're about 35) destined to be future rednecks of America (complete with mullets and fiery tempers) as they take on dirty cop Michael Rooker (actually the best thing about this movie). They play softball, drink, wreck the cop's house and, for interminable scenes that cause you to press fast-forward, talk about "the future." It's a by-the-numbers, coming-of-age story told in the flattest way possible. Rooker, a fantastic character actor, really deserves better than this. Louis Fowler

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Them (R)
Dark Sky Films
When it comes to horror, very rarely does a DVD scare me the way a good fright flick can in the theater. Them is the exception. Directed by French wunderkinds David Moreau and Xavier Palud, this film freaked me out from start to finish, and it ended with a surprise so shocking that it's hard to believe they got away with it. Of course, the real horror sets in as you realize it was based on a "true" story. A young couple staying in the Romanian countryside find themselves terrorized by faceless, diminutive hooded figures that seem to be everywhere. They play stalk-and-slash, leading the couple to a sewer where their mortifying secret is revealed. Suspenseful, chilling and honestly scary, Them shows they're handling horror overseas way better than us Yanks. Louis Fowler


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