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Walk Hard: The Dewey Cox Story (NR)
Columbia Pictures Home Entertainment
From the Judd Apatow School of Comedy comes Walk Hard, a riotous spoof on biopics like Walk the Line and Ray, hilariously mocking the self-righteous tones of those films and others of its ilk. A spot-on John C. Reilly stars as the hard-living, hard-rocking Dewey Cox, and the movie follows his trials and tribulations as one of the biggest musicians in the world. Destined to be a comedy classic, Walk Hard is already a cult hit. Be sure you pick up the two-disc unrated edition, which includes the theatrical cut, a director's cut that runs for another 30 minutes, a ton of extended and deleted scenes, 16 full song performances and very funny "making ofs." Friends, it don't get much harder than this. Louis Fowler

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Partition (R)
Allumination Filmworks
Partition is a Canadian film, but I'd be hard-pressed to tell it apart from the latest Merchant Ivory flick. Casting "name" actors like Jimi Mistry and Neve Campbell and using real exotic locales does make a difference. Set in 1947 India, the Sikhs are battling Muslims who are being relocated to Pakistan. After a Muslim massacre, one survivor holes up with a young Indian ex-army man who must defend her when the villagers cry foul. Religious zealotry, culture and traditional values threaten to tear them apart at every turn. Yes, it's absolutely as melodramatic as you can get, but it simply works. Partition is a sweeping epic that is entertaining, romantic and surprisingly gory. Something for everyone! Louis Fowler

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Day of the Dead (R)
First Look Pictures
This latest Dead film from Steve Miner, a remake of the 1985 George Romero classic, was originally slated for theatrical release and then unceremoniously dumped onto DVD. Over the past few months, the blog critics have been giving it one drubbing after another, without ever having watched the damn thing. Such is the world of the horror nerds. But you know what? This Day of the Dead actually ain't half bad. In fact, it's a pretty darn good zombie movie, with a fast-paced story that moves along logically, even if some of the dialogue is lame. Set during a zombie outbreak in Leadville, Colorado (actually Bulgaria), Day of the Dead is a great Friday night rental. Just ignore the schlocky cover. Louis Fowler


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