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Charlie Wilson's War (R)
Universal Home Entertainment
Critically acclaimed out the wazoo upon original release, this is another one of those films where I just don't see what got those critics so excited. Charlie Wilson's War stars crowd-pleasers Tom Hanks and Julia Roberts, was directed by the horrifically-past-his-prime Mike Nichols, and is as boring as they come. Most of the fault lies in Aaron Sorkin's screenplay, where Sorkin falls prey to his usual problem: thinking he's way wittier than he actually is. The film's saving grace is the always-watchable Philip Seymour Hoffman, who is so wonderful that you kind of wish the film was focused primarily on his character, a bitter CIA spy called in to aid Wilson. Other than that, Charlie Wilson's War is so brutally overrated that you, too, will wonder what all the hubbub was about. Louis Fowler
To download: Charlie Wilson's War (Widescreen)

Mystery Science Theater 3000: The Movie (PG-13)
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Universal Home Entertainment
Mike and the 'Bots' big-screen outing makes it to DVD, albeit in a no-frills, no-extras edition. Why you gotta do me like that, Universal? But even then, I wouldn't be surprised if you haven't heard of this; released in 1996, the film was quietly swept under the rug in order for the studio to trump Barb Wire, starring Pam Anderson. Riiiiiight. In what is essentially a bigger-budgeted episode of the TV show, the gang takes on a legitimate sci-fi classic, This Island Earth. Using a few minor curses you can't say on TV, they are in top form, ragging on everything from the square-jawed heroes' wormy lab assistant to the enlarged foreheads of the Metaluna aliens, with pop-culture references abounding. Of course, it is completely hilarious, and fans of the show and cult film fans in general would do wise to pick it up ASAP. Louis Fowler
To download:Mystery Science Theater 3000: The Movie (Widescreen)

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Mad Money (PG-13)
Anchor Bay Entertainment
I am the absolute wrong person for this film. I'm not a fan of "chick flicks," so that's one strike against Mad Money. Strike two comes in its story line, an inane heist tale, with our three heroines stealing destroyed money from the Kansas City Fed so implausible it becomes the film's ultimate detriment. The third strike comes in the form of a forcibly irritating performance by Xenu-drone Katie Holmes, who is so bad at playing "quirky," you want to find her a nice retirement village overlooking Dawson's Creek. But I'll bet that for many people just looking for a Friday-night femme flick, this delivers in spades. Louis Fowler
To download: Mad Money


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