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It's a Boy Girl Thing (PG-13)
Anchor Bay Entertainment / Release date: June 17
Even though they have been done to death, for some reason filmmakers keep churning out teen body-swapping comedies with continued diminishing returns. Who doesn't remember Freaky Friday, Vice Versa or Like Father Like Son? Anyone? This latest version actually a huge hit in Britain is a charmingly crude flick sure to please teenagers the world over. Thanks to an ancient museum artifact, twitchy bookworm Nell ends up in the body of football jock Woody and many hijinks ensue. There are the typical locker room shenanigans, horny significant-other situations and, of course, learning about each other and themselves inside and out. Awwwww. Produced by Elton John, of all people, Boy Girl is entertaining enough to hold viewers' interest, but it's ultimately the definition of disposable entertainment. Louis Fowler

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Penn & Teller: Bullshit! The Complete Fifth Season (NR)
Showtime Entertainment
Bullshit! is the most important show on TV. Seriously. In the past few seasons, Vegas entertainers Penn and Teller have bravely taken on such topics as the uselessness of recycling, the hypocrisy of PETA and the ridiculousness of energy vortexes in Sedona. With season five, they show no sign of quitting. They deal with the fallacies of anger management, address the hysteria surrounding exorcisms and, probably most hard-hitting, take a pro-Wal-Mart stance that should be shown in schools. In a world filled with media bombarding us nonstop telling us what to think and believe, it's refreshing these two guys speak up and defend freethinkers, skeptics and contrarians on a nationally broadcast show no less. Everyone else, get a bag of ice. Your blood will boil. Louis Fowler

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American Drug War: The Last White Hope (NR)
Sacred Cow Productions
If you haven't realized yet that the $60 billion-a-year drug war is a national farce, please for the love of peaceful, bong-sucking hippies everywhere let this well-researched film show you why. Filmmaker Kevin Booth masterfully argues against the costly imprisonment of non-violent drug offenders. Through interviews with judges, CIA and DEA agents, civic leaders, gangsters and a few celebs, he highlights the drug epidemic's shameful history. From his charge that the CIA is flooding destitute African American communities with crack (ultimately a campaign of ethnic cleansing, he argues) to our government's involvement in global drug trade (Afghan opium, anyone?), the story is bleak but it offers alternatives. You don't need to do drugs to care; every taxpayer should be outraged. Matthew Schniper


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