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CJ7 (NR)
Sony Pictures Classics
Hong Kong wunderkind Stephen Chow is legendary among the many fans of Asian films for kung fu comedies such as Shaolin Soccer and Kung-Fu Hustle. Here, he returns with a children's sci-fi film Chow's take on E.T. that is utterly charming and entertaining, even for adult viewers. This time, the co-producer/director/actor is a destitute dad trying his best. When his kid wants an expensive toy he can't afford, Dad finds a green ball in the dump, which, as it turns out, is actually an adorably huggable alien. Pretty soon, the rascal is helping the kid cheat on tests and excel in gym class. Then there's the hilarious twist. Filled with the awesome stunts and inventive CGI that we've come to know from Chow, this isn't as hardcore as his previous films, but is a great one nevertheless. Louis Fowler

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The Hudson Brothers Razzle Dazzle Show: The Complete Series (NR)
Video Service Corp.
Popular '70s bubblegum power-poppers the Hudson Brothers, who scored with "So You Are a Star," were made into bigger stars with this "zany" Saturday morning show that counted John Lennon as a fan. Set as a typical variety show of the day, it featured the brothers in skits that rivaled the most hallucinogenic Krofft outing. It also featured guests such as Chucky Margolis, Rod Hull and his emu puppet, a talking bear and, most interestingly, Peter Cullen, who would go on to voice Optimus Prime. Yes, the humor is hilariously dated, but the music is undeniably awesome, including versions of "Travelin Band" and "Gimme Some Lovin." To top it off, at the end of every episode, they ask kids to share toys or properly use crosswalks. A fun piece of nostalgia. Louis Fowler

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Home Sick (NR)
Synapse Films
Welcome to the first mumblecore splatter film; imagine House of 1000 Corpses directed by Harmony Korine. And no, that is not a compliment. Director Adam Wingard's indie flick managed to score some name-brand horror "stars," including Bill Moseley, Tom Towles and Tiffany Shepis, but they're relegated to glorified cameos. The always-welcome Moseley is the creepy and toothy Mr. Suitcase, who drops in to ask a group of nameless, disaffected hipsters whom they hate most. The slackers tell him and he takes off. Then some people get killed, blah blah blah. Who cares? Home Sick made me homesick for a halfway decent horror movie, with, you know, a plot. This one is so boring that it was hard to make it 45 minutes into it. Skip the sickness and just stay home. Louis Fowler


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