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Noise (NR)

Anchor Bay Entertainment

Talk about being able to feel someone's pain! Tim Robbins is great as a New York vigilante intent on taking down any and all noise that disturbs him, mostly the car alarms that go off at the drop of a hat. He starts off small enough, just slashing car tires. When he does try to go the legal route and take offenders to court, he's summarily dismissed. Eventually he's sent to jail, and loses his family. Then things get really nuts. Imagine Batman if his parents had been killed by noise pollution. Director Henry Bean's Noise is an extremely funny black comedy that's fully realized by a brutally sincere performance by the always-reliable Robbins. And, it's inspirational enough to make me want to rip out my neighbor's car alarm. Louis Fowler

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Heroes: Season 2 (NR)

Universal Home Entertainment

Many critics hated Season 2 of this hit superhero show, and yes, while it starts off a tad slow, it's still better than most hour-long dramas on TV. Filled with great twists and new revelations, this season finds Hiro stuck in feudal Japan, tagging along with a hero who isn't what he appears to be; an amnesiac Peter trying to uncover his past while his brother Nathan tries to forget his; Claire and her dad at odds with trying to live a normal life; and Suresh now working for the elusive company. Even serial killer Sylar makes a welcome return that wonderfully leads into the upcoming Season 3 arc. With all its cliffhangers and storylines, Heroes is best on DVD, because as soon as one episode is over, you get to see the next one. Louis Fowler

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Psycho Kickboxer (NR)

Shock-O-Rama Cinema

With some films, all you need is a title to know whether or not it's going to be worth your entertainment dollar. Such is the case with the wonderfully named Psycho Kickboxer. Five-time world kickboxing champ Curtis Bush is the titular kickboxing psycho, driven to the edge of madness when his wife and father are murdered. He becomes a face-kicking angel of vengeance, stalking the criminals who prey on the helpless. Re-released as part of Shock-O-Rama's ongoing commitment to make sure that the lost low-budget classics of the 1990s video boom are never forgotten, Psycho Kickboxer is a goofy, B-movie good time that, true to the title, doesn't skimp on either the psychotic behavior or, of course, the kickboxing. Louis Fowler


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