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U2 Live at Red Rocks: "Under a Blood Red Sky"


A somewhat-known, definitely cult, post-New Wave Irish band named U2 ascended to rock-legend status in a June 5, 1983, concert at Red Rocks. It was a bit rainy, but the energy was palpable, with Bono playing to the crowd in a way that seems impossible now. Director Gavin Taylor captures the band performing cuts from Boy, October and their latest at the time, War. It's a concert that not only perfectly encapsulates why it was so easy to fall in love with U2, but a nostalgic reminder as to why you still are in love. Sure the video is a bit shoddy, but fans will definitely prefer this release to bootlegs. It's available as both a single disc and in a two-disc deluxe edition with the soundtrack album. Louis Fowler

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Phase IV

Legend Films

Phase IV is a movie I have been dying to see ever since I read about it as a kid, in a library book on cult sci-fi movies. Directed by credits-designer god Saul Bass, it's the highly stylized tale of scientists who make contact with ultra-intelligent ants. Of course, these ants don't want to make friends they're hell-bent on reclaiming what's rightfully theirs, the Earth. This premise may sound suitably cheesy, but it's actually an extremely realistic science-nerd take on the nature-gone-amok film. But, for me personally, did it live up to the wait? Even more so. Stunningly shot with gorgeously lit micro-photography, Bass created a sci-fi film so far ahead of its time that it's no wonder the movie has been out of print until now. A true misunderstood classic. Louis Fowler

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Scott Baio is 45 ... and Single

Anchor Bay Entertainment

Scott Baio is 45 ... and a douchebag. But, lucky for us, he's an entertaining douchebag! Between screwing every Playmate he can find and hanging with his Z-grade entourage-wannabe "friends," Baio finds himself all alone at the over-ripe age of 45. In order to fix this instead of just exercising some self-control and growing the hell up he hires a life coach who tells him to go back and apologize to every chick he has ditched along the way. And boy, is there a list! From his Joanie Loves Chachi co-star Erin Moran to the heavily plasticized Morell twins, he's got a lot to atone for, with a camera crew following him around. It comes off way too staged to be a "real" reality show, but it's priceless viewing. Louis Fowler


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