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Alice in Wasteland (NR)

Monster Zero Creative

Here's an incredibly entertaining no-budget feature that came out of nowhere! (Actually ... it's from local director Pete Schuermann and Colorado College alum Lasse Jarvi and was filmed in Colorado Springs.) Mixing satirical B-movie conventions with a stylish, revenge-driven plot, Alice in Wasteland is a trip down the rabbit-hole. After a poorly executed robbery goes bad, trailer-park denizen Alice (Roxane Sondrup) is shot and left for dead, only to wake up from a coma a year later. Now, with a partner she picked up in jail, they're tearing through the streets, and a determined dirty cop (Michelle Beisner, a former Denver Broncos cheerleader) will stop at nothing to retire them. The box compares it to a Carl Hiaasen novel, but I'll go one further and say it's more reminiscent of a great Elmore Leonard yarn. Can't ask for more than that! Louis Fowler

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Frost/Nixon: The Original Watergate Interviews (NR)

Liberation Entertainment

When David Frost interviewed former President Richard Nixon in 1977, following his resignation, 45 million people tuned in to watch the historic TV matchup. Now, with the release of Frost/Nixon, the Ron Howard film inspired by the interview, Liberation Entertainment is distributing the original Watergate interviews on DVD along with brief 2007 commentary from Frost. While Nixon was paid $600,000 for his appearance, he waived the chance to see the questions prior to the meeting. Consequently, what's most striking about the discussion is how candid it feels and how dramatic it remains after 30-plus years. The original talks resulted in 28 hours of film, portions of which were aired in four 90-minute segments. Only the Watergate piece appears on this DVD, but additional footage is scheduled for release in 2009. Sure to be worth waiting for. Jill Thomas

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Surfer, Dude (R)

Anchor Bay Entertainment / Release date: Dec. 30

There's only one thing that Matthew McConaughey is good at, and it ain't acting. It's walking around with his shirt off, and his pet movie, Surfer, Dude, allows him to do this endlessly. He's surf-hero Steve Addington, who returns to his Malibu home to find his sponsors have sold out to "the man" and left him in desperate need of cash. Which leaves him faced with the prospect of selling out, too: Will he participate in a reality show, and/or be part of a surfing video game? Or will he find a way to keep his soul, even as the ocean refuses to give him any waves to ride? It's a watchable enough movie, proudly exuding a "chill" vibe that I'm sure stoners will love, but it reeks of a vanity project that would have never been made if McConaughey wasn't behind it. And that's something only fans of McConaughey's chest could love. Louis Fowler


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