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Bollywood Horror Collection, Vol. 2: Veerana (NR)

Mondo Macabro

Now that Slumdog Millionaire has made Bollywood bigger than ever in America, more films from this unique genre are seeing the light of day, but no one has been promoting them more than Mondo Macabro with its outstanding Bollywood Horror Collection. In this volume's feature, Veerana, a young woman is possessed by a dead witch, turning her into a demon-possessed vampire of sorts. Of course, along with all the spooky, atmospheric horror, there are also numerous Benny Hill-esque fat jokes, lots of romantic interludes (for the ladies), manly fight scenes and choreographed dances set to those ultra-catchy musical numbers. (As a bonus, a second film is included: Purani Haveli — Mansion of Evil, which is just as whacked out and entertaining.) Yes, there is literally something for everyone. — Louis Fowler

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American High School (R)

Anchor Bay Home Entertainment

Here's another teen comedy that came out of nowhere and, really, it should go back there. I'm guessing this is supposed to be a parody of teen movie conventions, la Not Another Teen Movie, but even that film is a comedically subtle work of art compared to this. Starring idiots from The Hills, Laguna Beach and Playboy, plus the P. Diddy-shackled Danity Kane, this wholly unlikable comedy relies on pointless boobs, needless cursing, horrific misogyny and an all-around mean-spiritedness that I guess are there to make up for writer/director Sean Patrick Cannon's considerable lack of talent. American High School is an ultimately depressing flick that actually makes you feel bad, not only for the state of today's teen entertainment, but, in the end, the state of the world. — Louis Fowler

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The Sinful Dwarf (NR)

Severin Films

You've heard of exploitation, sexploitation, blaxploitation, even rednecksploitation ... but what about dwarfsploitation? The wonderfully trashy 1973 howler The Sinful Dwarf is the king of this tainted sub-genre, leaving the viewer alternately in pieces from laughing at the ludicrousness of it, to wanting to take a shower to wash off the skuzz. The diminutive sinner (Torben Bille), who resembles a mini-Jack Black, in addition to running a shabby boarding house, captures young nubile lasses, dopes them up and keeps them in his basement, while his mom does a Marlene Dietrich show in her room. This is pure, wonderful '70s sleaze, fully restored from a newly-discovered print hidden in the Danish Film Institutes' janitorial closet. I did not make that up. You can't make up any of this. — Louis Fowler


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