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Inglorious Bastards (Blu-Ray) (NR)

Severin Films

With Quentin Tarantino's quasi-remake/homage Inglourious Basterds hitting theaters in less than a month, Severin has finally released the original, conventionally titled 1978 Italian war flick on glorious Blu-Ray. This gives the action-packed B-movie superbly beautiful pictures and sound, way better treatment than most films of this ilk get. The movie, about a team of misfit soldiers intent on killing Nazis by any means necessary, is fun enough, and the exclusive Blu-Ray-only features, such as an all-star cast reunion, are well worth the price. Also, the conversation between director Enzo G. Castellari and Tarantino will definitely get you ready for the new film. That in mind, let's hope that Tarantino can live up to the excitement of this over-the-top, Nazi-stompin', good time of a movie and tune his own quirks and obsessions down a couple notches. — Louis Fowler

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Obsessed (PG-13)

Sony Pictures / Release date: Aug. 4

This is one of those horror movies, like the kind about giant radioactive ants, that you just can't take seriously. Demented temp Lisa (Ali Larter) is just a psycho who can't deal with being rejected by hedge fund manager Derek (Idris Elba). His perfect upper-middle-class life with perfect wife Sharon (Beyoncé Knowles) shall not be allowed to stand if Lisa has anything to do with it. With its weirdly retro vibe and gold-digging women, it's as if the feminism of the past four decades had never happened, never mind the global financial meltdown. Add on the outrageous telegraphing of its "big" finale, and this ineptly hilarious "thriller" comes off like Fatal Attraction crossed with one of the duller episodes of Law and Order, minus the wise-ass asides from Lenny Briscoe and Mike Logan. The DVD extras are limited to three making-of featurettes. — MaryAnn Johanson

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Door into Silence (NR)

Severin Films

Italian shock-meister Lucio Fulci's final film, the atmospheric afterlife morality tale Door into Silence, is not at all what his longtime fans might expect: It's got no zombies, no gore, no demons. Casual fans looking for the usual attractions may be bored senseless here. But if you can watch this movie with the knowledge that Fulci was on death's doorstep as he made it, it takes on an entirely new and deeper meaning. The story follows a man (John Savage) driving through the back roads of New Orleans on his way home, as he encounters bizarre and obscure forms of death at every turn. Combined with an out-of-place jazz score and a very disjointed filming style, this isn't a horror film as much as it is a drawn-out character study with a surprisingly nihilistic ending that's only fitting for Fulci. A definite must-watch for completists! — Louis Fowler

Dollhouse: Season One (NR)

20th Century Fox Home Entertainment

Since the big digital conversion, I don't get regular television anymore. My reception was always bad to begin with, but now, it's all but nonexistent. Because of this, I'm limited to watching all my TV shows strictly on DVD. One show I've tuned in to this way is Dollhouse, the new sci-fi series from Buffy the Vampire Slayer's Joss Whedon. It sounded promising enough, with its plot about women who are programmed with new personalities for each week's mission, like superhero Stepford Wives. But Whedon fills the thing with grating, pseudo-clever, Diablo-Cody-style dialogue, and even worse, star Eliza Dushku is simply a horrible, off-putting actress. I turned it off after four episodes, but if I'd had TV, I would have turned it off after one. — Louis Fowler

This is Spinal Tap (Blu-Ray) (R)

MGM Home Entertainment

Released to coincide with the brand new Spinal Tap album Back from the Dead, this is one of those movies that I can watch every two or three months without it ever getting old. If you haven't seen it, watch it now! It is truly one of the greatest comedies of all time and, now on Blu-Ray, it looks and sounds better than ever. Not only do you get the classic movie, but you get an insane assortment of bonus features including deleted scenes, hilarious Spinal Tap commentary, music videos, commercials, a "Stonehenge" Live Earth performance and a National Geographic interview with Nigel on the subject of Stonehenge, about which he is comically misinformed. Now I know that it would be a Spinal Tap cliché for me to say that this Blu-Ray "goes to 11," but, man, does it ever! — Louis Fowler


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