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Wrong Turn 3: Left for Dead (NR)

20th Century Fox Home Entertainment

The original Wrong Turn, starring Eliza Dushku, was best left forgotten as a Hills Have Eyes-type horror flick (set in the forest) that was bleak, humorless and, even worse, kinda boring. The straight-to-DVD sequel, however, was a surprise, filled with hilarious kills, a reality TV subplot and, best of all, Henry Rollins(!) as the show's host. Too bad that, instead of keeping with the sequel's tone for the third installment, the filmmakers returned to their lame roots, despite some great ideas. A prison bus is overturned in the woods, with the violent baddies finding themselves at war with redneck cannibals and each other. Between the dragging pace and the worst CGI blood of late, it really doesn't even qualify as fun. But then, to be fair, no one really expected this to turn into a franchise. So more power to them. — Louis Fowler

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The National Parks: America's Best Idea (NR)


This six-disc set features the latest series from PBS' darling of documentary directing, Ken Burns, which aired on stations nationwide just a few weeks ago. Probably the most accessible series since his widely watched The Civil War, The National Parks combines gorgeous photography of our most beautiful natural places (from Denali to the Everglades) with the stories of the people and politics that formed this country's parks system. There are some unnecessary detours, but the core of the 12-hour program is solid, covering the most important places and players (John Muir, Teddy Roosevelt and the Rockefellers, for example), along with new voices like that of ranger Shelton Johnson, whose eloquent depictions of the land cross into poetry. Outdoor enthusiasts beware: This series will undoubtedly send tourists of all stripes streaming into our 58 national parks. — Jill Thomas

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Black Devil Doll (NR)

Lowest Common Denominator Entertainment

Since receiving this DVD screener, I have watched the hilariously daring and viciously offensive low-budget blaxploitation-horror-comedy Black Devil Doll about five times. I can easily say, without reservation, this is going to be my favorite straight-to-DVD indie film of the year. Black Devil Doll is a new trash classic that will, I promise, become the ultimate party film and will not leave a dry seat in the house. A militant activist is put to death in the electric chair and then reincarnated in the body of a foul-mouthed 3-foot ventriloquist's doll. Mixing the darkest political humor of today's heated racial climate with scads of low-down, dirty puppet sex, director Jonathan Lewis has created a comedy masterpiece for those of us who still consider Rudy Ray Moore and Blowfly geniuses. See Black Devil Doll by any means necessary! — Louis Fowler


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