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The Open Road (PG-13)

Anchor Bay Home Entertainment

Have you ever noticed how many straight-to-DVD flicks seem to have big-name casts? How do these movies afford them, and still manage to recoup their budgets one DVD at a time? I'm thinking foreign tax shelters. Regardless, consider The Open Road, starring Justin Timberlake and Jeff Bridges and directed by Michael Meredith. It's not the best movie — it's pretty treacly and predictable — but it easily could have been released in theaters. Timberlake is a sensitive minor league baseball player forced to go on a road trip home with his estranged major league dad. Feelings are exposed, old wounds reopened, redemption reached. It's always a pleasure to see Bridges, and he's the best reason to check this out; Timberlake, when trying to show pathos, proves he should stick to hosting Saturday Night Live. — Louis Fowler

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Thankskilling (NR)

Broad Daylight Pictures

Looking for the perfect after-dinner entertainment for Turkey Day? Something the whole family can enjoy with their whipped-cream-covered slices of pumpkin pie? Then how about joining hands and giving thanks for the funniest Thanksgiving Day horror-comedy ever made, the riotous low-budget Thankskilling, directed by Jordan Downey? Every 505 years, a demonic, foul-mouthed turkey is resurrected to kill all white people for crimes against Indian people. A group of hilarious stock characters, excited to be on holiday from school, run a-fowl (sorry) of the killer turkey and are offed systematically, with campy one-liners stuffed between the gore. The dialogue is sharper than a carving knife, the jokes more well-formed than can-shaped cranberry sauce, and the turkey cheaper than a dollar-store fruitcake. Gimme seconds! — Louis Fowler

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Blue Seduction (NR)

Anchor Bay Home Entertainment

The cover of Canadian film Blue Seduction makes it look like a typical early-'90s erotic thriller that would have been overplayed on Cinemax, and I was not anxious to watch it. But trust me on this one: Once Billy Zane appears, it becomes one of the funniest movies you'll see all year. He plays a formerly out-of-control one-hit rocker who, while looking for a publishing deal, falls under the seductive spell of Estella Warren, who gets him back on sex, coke and liquor. The thing is that, while all the actors around him are completely solemn, Zane goes nuts, not taking it seriously at all, throwing in bizarre catchphrases and mannerisms. It's as though he's in a completely different movie! Every moment he's on screen is pure gold and makes Blue Seduction not a rental, but a definite must-buy. — Louis Fowler


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