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Cinematic Titanic Live: War of the Insects (NR)


After far too long a break, Cinematic Titanic — featuring former Mystery Science Theater 3000 geniuses Joel Hodgson, Mary Jo Pehl, Trace Beaulieu, J. Elvis Weinstein and Frank Conniff — are back with another grade-Z movie to mercilessly mock, live on-stage, no less. This time, the crew riff on the 1968 Japanese atrocity War of the Insects, one of the most confusing movies I've ever seen. Thank God for the jokes! To recount that plot would be pointless, because, as with all things Cinematic Titanic, the plot only serves to create ridicule and barbs. From the psycho blond who uses bug venom to drive men mad, or the philandering Japanese fisherman trying to sell stolen watches, to the U.S. soldier who runs around screaming "Genocide!" just about every joke, mixing with the inanity pouring off the screen, is twice as funny, making this the best Cinematic Titanic release yet. — Louis Fowler

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Colombiana (NR)

Sony Pictures Home Entertainment

Anyone coming into this hit-woman action film looking for witty banter, solidly structured storytelling or a moral compass is certain to leave disappointed. That should come as no surprise to anyone familiar with co-screenwriter, producer and international exploitation artist Luc Besson, who has spent much of his career avoiding wit and coherence. The "twist" here is that it's also no fun, an utterly brain-dead revenge flick seemingly aimed at sadistic and over-stimulated preteens. Zoe Saldana stars as the Bogota-born daughter of a career criminal who gets assassinated by his boss. We never find out why, and of course it never matters, but at least it allows Besson and director-for-hire Olivier Megaton to stage extended scenes of a 10-year-old girl getting shot at. Colombiana succeeds only as a showcase for Saldana's remarkable anatomical gifts, and barely even as that. — Daniel Barnes

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Look: The Series, Season 1 (NR)

Image Entertainment

Last year, I reviewed Adam Rifkin's groundbreaking film Look. It was an entire intermingling narrative told completely through the use of surveillance cameras, from mini-marts to ATM machines. It was sexy, chilling and above all, thought-provoking. Apparently, in 2010, Showtime made a series based on the movie, but I never heard a single thing about it, so I'm guessing it was relegated to shit hours in order to make room for more eps of Californication. Which is a shame, because Look is not only the best show Showtime has ever broadcast, it was also probably the best thing on television at the time. Following the same focus as the movie, surveillance cameras tell the crisscrossing stories of a group of Los Angelinos who aren't who they appear to be when no one is looking. This series was daring, brash, provocative, entertaining and, of course, canceled. I blame David Duchovny. — Louis Fowler

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